Demonstrations .. Large crowds of demonstrators heading to Tahrir Square after a reference speech

Baghdad / Obelisk: Protested October 25 .. The obelisk keeps pace with the event at the moment …

Monday, November 11, 2019

Large crowds of protesters are heading to Tahrir Square after a reference speech

Security forces reopen Al-Ahrar Bridge in central Baghdad

 Fire returns to al-Khalani Square

Basra University did not take any action against the student demonstrators and wait for the ministerial instruction

demonstrators and students of Maysan besieging the Directorate of Education building and declare civil disobedience

Square sit in Basra without demonstrations amid security spread of a large

human rights announces fall of 4 martyrs and 130 injured in Dhi Qar

 open all government departments in Diwaniya and receiving citizens to complete their transactions 

Commission on human rights in Dhi Qar arrested 34 demonstrators arbitrarily

school students staged a sit – in Diwaniya take part time to support protests

 school students in Anbar in solidarity with the protests and denounced the campaign of arrests against a Activists

Interior: 48 policemen injured an armed attack near the Khilani Square

 demonstrations in front of renewed breeding of Babylon and security forces trying to disperse the demonstrators

The protesters continue to gather in the square Haboubi accompanied by school students.

Security forces prevented a march of dozens of students who were heading from the stronghold to raise Basra.

Health Dhi Qar indicate that the outcome of the wounded yesterday reached 150

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