A new election law to absorb the anger of Iraqis

Continued angry demonstrations in Iraq Reuters


Baghdad – Iraq Ahmed

History: November 12, 2019

Since the beginning of a wave of protests in Iraq last month, the Iraqi government has been trying to absorb the anger of the demonstrators, wanting them at times by introducing initiatives and reform measures, and at other times intimidated by the threat of judicial sanctions, and warn of a constitutional vacuum.

The fate of the protesters is unknown and if the demands of the protesters are left, but within a few days, in exchange for maintaining the presidency of Adel Abdul Mahdi, the government has been keen to turn a new page with the Iraqis to gain confidence.

It announced the completion of a new election law, which would reduce the age of candidacy, and reduce the number of members of parliament, as a parliamentary committee began its meetings to amend the country’s constitution, measures demanded by protesters in the country, while escalation continued in southern Iraq, where three people were killed during the demonstrations.


He announced in Baghdad yesterday, the completion of the preparation of a new election law, reducing the age of candidacy, and reduce the number of members of parliament, as a parliamentary committee began its meetings to amend the Constitution of the country, measures demanded by protesters in the country.

An Iraqi source announced that a new draft law for general elections was sent to the House of Representatives for discussion and voting.

The new electoral law provides for the formation of an independent high commission for elections, composed of judges and representatives of specialized sectors, away from partisan quotas, and give young people opportunities to run for elections, by reducing the age of candidacy to 25 years, in addition to the adoption of the highest winner system at the level of the constituency, and reduce Number of members of the House of Representatives from 329 to 213.

The draft law also provides for the reduction of the electoral district to the judiciary, after the province was one district, and the adoption of the system of the highest winner of the candidates, and the abolition of existing laws and proportional representation.

For its part, held the parliamentary committee charged with amending the Constitution, within four months, today, its first meetings, and elected parliamentarian Faleh al-Sairi, head of the Bloc of the wisdom movement, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, its chairman. The committee then began a meeting chaired by Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Bashir Al-Haddad, representatives of trade unions and professional associations, as well as university professors, legal experts and constitutional writing specialists.

Al-Haddad pointed out the importance of amending the constitution in this sensitive situation, stressing the need to involve all spectrums and the contribution of experts and specialists, especially that the Iraqi constitution is considered today of good constitutions in the world, but this does not prevent from reviewing from time to time, to keep pace with development Community.


Meanwhile, three Iraqis were killed and dozens were injured yesterday, while demonstrators closed three bridges in Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq.

According to human rights sources in the province, the demonstrations in the city center were met with live fire from the security forces, led to the death of three people, and wounded dozens, which led to the demonstrators to close the bridges.

A source in human rights in Iraq, said that hundreds of demonstrators closed yesterday bridges «civilizations, victory and olives», in the center of Dhi Qar. According to the source, the suspension of the study and the strike of schools and the participation of students in the demonstrations in the province.


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