Recommendations for an alleged meeting of political forces: No change to the Prime Minister .. No early elections

Baghdad / Obelisk: Obelisk publishes, Sunday, November 10, 2019 the text of a statement of the meeting of political forces to address the crisis, a statement not confirmed by official government bodies, parties or political blocs, but the media and political figures talked that it consists of 22 It was agreed, which included the futility of early elections, and the warning of a change of prime minister. According to the sources, the Sadrist movement and the coalition of victory, and the Salvation Front.

Text of the statement

Recommendations of the meeting of national political forces at the headquarters of the stream of wisdom in Baghdad

1. Supporting peaceful demonstrations as a manifestation of democracy and freedom of expression, adopting the legitimate demands of demonstrators, and enacting a law regulating and protecting peaceful demonstrations.

2. The need to invest the popular momentum of the demonstrators to carry out radical, deep and urgent reform steps to strengthen the institutions of the state and the political system and meet the demands of the people.

3. The national political forces are committed to shoulder their responsibilities by providing the necessary political cover to the state institutions to fulfill their duties towards the demands of the demonstrators and thus contribute to restoring the confidence of the street in the political class.

4. National political forces agree to cooperate among themselves within the Council of Representatives by forming a broad bloc in support of the political system and state institutions in the context of meeting the demands of the people judicially, legislative and executive, within a specific and clear road map, steps and timings.

5. The formation of the government in the absence of a clear bloc adopting its support was a major cause of what happened.

The need to deepen the national cohesion and strengthen the relationship between the political forces and avoid false accusations because of differing opinions and jurisprudence.

7. Emphasizing the neutrality of state agencies and avoiding politicization and political bias.

8 willingness to sacrifice and make some losses for the benefit of citizens and meet their demands.

9 – The importance of reconsidering the political equation on which the government was formed, and a wide ministerial reshuffle and bringing new and efficient young blood to correct the impression of the government performance.

10. The need for a constitutional amendment that addresses the bottlenecks of the political system without prejudice to the rights of the components.

11. The need to expedite the fair election law legislation and replace the Independent High Electoral Commission in order to achieve the transparency required to restore the confidence of the voters with the election results.


12. Early elections require dissolution of the House of Representatives and excludes the possibility of persuading members of the House to dissolve it.

13. Commitment to support the security services to prevent the country from sliding into chaos and stand in the face of riots and attempts to disrupt the country and state institutions and consider them steps outside the law and contrary to peaceful demonstration.

14. Concern about the negative effects of the situation on the economic side of the country and leave negative impressions difficult to attract foreign investment.

15. Call for responsible engagement with legitimate demands and ensure that there is no deepening of sag in the state institutions.

16 – Work on the development of clear media strategies that serve the political process and maintain order and support the institutions of the state and its achievements and adoption of the commitment of media institutions of national political forces.

17. Concern in Kurdistan for what is happening in other Iraqi provinces and consider them part of this movement, including the challenges and opportunities, and solidarity with legitimate demands and stand by the state institutions in meeting them.

18. Emphasize that the crisis is not limited to persons in state institutions, but extends to laws, regulations and contexts.

19. The dismissal or resignation of the government during the crisis may push things into the unknown, especially since the demonstrators may question the credibility of any candidate submitted by political forces in this circumstance.

20 – not to allow the abduction of the resolution of the House of Representatives and work hard to activate the legislative institution to perform its tasks and implement the demands of the demonstrators.

21- Launching the initiative of the comprehensive national dialogue between the different parties (coordination and leaders of the demonstrators, unions and unions, state institutions, political forces, community leaders,…) in cooperation with the UN mission.

22. Prepare the initiative by working to collect the demands of the demonstrators on the diversity and tabulation and diagnosis of its compatibility with the contexts and constitutional determinants and determine the point of implementation and the ceiling required time to do so.

The Obelisk

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