Nujaifi reveals the agreement of the political blocs to reject early elections except for 3 parties

Baghdad / … The leader of the “decision” coalition, Ethel Nujaifi, on Sunday, a meeting between the political forces, excluding 3 of them, including the bloc of others.

Nujaifi said through his account in Facebook: “Paragraphs stopped me at a meeting of political blocs, which ruled out the rescue (Salvation Front) and the Sadrists (bloc), and the victory coalition.”

He added, “In paragraph 8 blocks ask each of them to prepare to sacrifice and make some losses for the benefit of citizens, and in paragraph 12 blocks agree that early elections are not possible because the parliament refuses to dissolve itself.”

He continued Nujaifi, saying: “It seems that not on the horizon a solution to the crisis, but go to the unknown.”

On Saturday, news leaked of an agreement to reshuffle the cabinet, keep Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in office, and try to persuade protesters to return to their homes in return for part of their demands.

Also yesterday, the office of the supreme authority in Najaf, Ali al-Sistani, denied being part of an agreement to maintain the government and break up the sit-ins, after Arab media reported that a meeting was held in Tehran, one of which was from inside Sistani’s office.

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