Urgent text of the speech of the Supreme Reference today on the demonstrations

Release date:: 2019/11/8 12:17

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Our agency publishes the text of the Supreme Religious Reference sermon on Friday on demonstrations and the situation of the country.

During the Friday prayer sermon at the al-Husseini al-Sharif mosque, the representative of the supreme religious authority read the text from the office of the supreme religious authority in Najaf.

Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai today , ” we read you the text of what our response from Mr. Samaha Office (long live) in Najaf: In the

name of God the Merciful

popular pro – reform protests continue in more than one place, has been demonstrated by the many bright images that reflect Mhamed qualities Recalling the first constellation of loved ones who were shed with their blood in the beginning of this reform movement forty days ago and have mercy on their pure souls, We wish to point out several points:

(1): The political forces in power have a unique opportunity to respond to the demands of citizens according to an agreed roadmap, to be implemented within a specified period of time, to put an end to a long era of corruption, abhorrent quotas and the absence of social justice. There are great risks surrounding the country.

(Ii) Maintaining the peaceful nature of the protests in all its forms is of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of the security forces to avoid the use of violence – especially excessive violence – in dealing with peaceful protesters, which is unwarranted and has serious consequences. It was noted that most of the participants in the protests are peaceful and avoid the exposure of the security forces, government facilities and private property, should be directed to the few that continue to stop to stop, so that the scene of the protests is pure from everything that it detains.

(III): The peaceful demonstration is the right of every Iraqi adult full, by expressing his opinion and demanding his right, it is willing to participate in it and did not want did not participate, and no one has to bind others what he thinks, and it is not appropriate that the participation or non-participation provoked to exchange accusations between When citizens disagree, they should respect each other’s opinion and excuse them in their choice.

Fourth: There are parties and internal and external parties that have played a prominent role in the past decades in Iraq, which has been severely harmed and subjected to the oppression and abuse of Iraqis, and it may seek today to exploit the ongoing protest movement to achieve some of its objectives. Participants in the protests and others should be Great caution against the exploitation of these parties and any loophole through which they can penetrate their gathering and change the course of the reform movement.

Fifth: Our pride in the armed forces and those who joined them in the fight against ISIS terrorism and defending Iraq as a people, land and sanctities have a great credit to everyone, especially those who are stationed to this day on the borders and the following sensitive sites. They hear any word that detracts from their great sacrifice, but if it is possible today to hold peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins away from the harm of terrorists, it is thanks to these heroic men, they have all the respect and appreciation. ”   


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