Demonstrations at the moment .. Thousands of demonstrators flock to the square Haboubi central Nasiriyah

Baghdad / Obelisk: Protested October 25 .. The obelisk keeps pace with the event at the moment …

Friday, November 1, 2019

 Thousands of protesters flock to Habboubi Square in central Nasiriyah

Hundreds of people from different parts of Baghdad began arriving in Tahrir Square

Demonstrations continue in the center of Qurna to demand the dismissal of the government and the abolition of parliament

The beginning of renewed protests in central Diyala

Visual protesters close the port of Umm Qasr and stand before it until the demands are met

Basra Trade Union Federation organizes a stand in solidarity with the protests

Spokesman for the Commander in Chief: We will not allow the disruption of the work of the departments and the emergence of demonstrations from employees during working hours

Hundreds of people from Diwaniya participate in a sit-in to support the protests

Dozens of demonstrators flocked to the sit-in tent in Majnoon oil field

Demonstrators block Al-Bazerkan oil field in Maysan.


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