Legal expert clarifies the constitutionality of early elections .. Is it entitled to advocate for it?

Date: 2019/10/31 20:49

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, the constitutionality of early elections and invite the President of the Republic.

“Holding early elections means turning the government into a caretaker government,” Harb said. “This requires a proposal from the prime minister and the approval of the president, meaning that the president has no initiative to ask for early elections.”

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, on Thursday, agreed to organize early elections and replace the members of the current election commission with judges and experts.

“Under Article 64 of the Constitution, the Prime Minister asks the President of the Republic to dissolve parliament as it is within his powers. When the parliament is dissolved, the government becomes caretaker and the president remains suspended until elections are held within 60 days,” he said. Ahead of time. ”

On the adoption of the new election law, Harb said, “Before the dissolution of the new election law, the current parliament must approve it and work is done.

“If we want to amend the constitution, we must form a committee of 27 deputies from all components to collect the materials and the parliament votes on what it finds appropriate,” Harb said.

He added, “Previously, the judiciary received only a notification, but as long as it took legal action against each accused of financial and administrative corruption without the need for the approval of judges by the House of Representatives, and the judiciary authorized the Parliament to investigate deputies who are proven corrupt.”

“The judiciary is dealing with evidence and complaints and we see every day large figures referred to the courts and may be released or stopped away from the media for confidentiality of files,” Harb concluded.

Renewed popular protests on the 25th of this month in the capital Baghdad and 10 other provinces to demand reforms and services and improve the living situation and eliminate corruption in all state institutions.

The demonstrations saw a large number of demonstrators and security forces as a result of tear gas.


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