Iraqi President: The Prime Minister has agreed to resign and requests an acceptable alternative


Barham Saleh

Adel Abdul Mahdi

2019/10/31 09:18:46

Iraqi President Barham Saleh announced that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had agreed to resign, but demanded an understanding on an acceptable alternative within the framework of the constitution.

Saleh said in a speech, “The Prime Minister has agreed to submit his resignation, asking the political blocs to reach an acceptable alternative, in light of the commitment to constitutional and legal contexts and to prevent a constitutional vacuum.”

He added, “I personally continue consultations and meetings with various blocs, forces and popular actors, in order to bring about the desired reforms and within the constitutional and legal contexts in a way that preserves the stability of Iraq and protects public security and promotes higher national interests, sure that the status quo is unsustainable. We really need changes.” Big must be done. ”

“The demands of the Iraqi people have put us to the test,” he said. “In the grievances and adversity, the true and sincere men and the real men of the homeland appear to make the tribulation and adversity a means of leapfrogging, advancement and progress. .

The President of the Republic, “Whether we are a government, parliament or popular events, the responsibility binds us all to protect the country from tampering and bad intentions of those who are abusive as it obliges us to get rid of corruption and spoilers, so I invite you and I call ourselves to protect our country and preserve the peaceful demonstrations so that we can all achieve the demands Iraq is healthy. ”

“I am with you, and I will remain so, and I will do my best to implement the true demands. I follow with exceptional interest the investigation of the martyrs and the wounded. My heart and deep feelings with their generous families deserve all fairness and appreciation from the state. Otherwise, there is no good in a position no matter how high and big if he did not do justice to the oppressed and save a poor from his poverty and protect a country and cherish his children. Iraq deserves a lot from us. ”


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