Highlights of the session of Parliament today and Halbousi alludes to the dismissal of Abdul Mahdi {expanded}

Date: 2019/10/31 19:54

The Council of Representatives in its eleventh session, which resumed under the chairmanship of the President of the Council Mohammed Halbousi on Thursday the need to attend Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to the next session of the Council to see the repercussions of peaceful demonstrations and violence that accompanied, and finished reading a report and discuss the draft First Amendment Law of the Unified Retirement Law

At the beginning of the session, the president and members of the Federal Public Service Council were sworn in.

On the repercussions of peaceful demonstrations, the Presidency and members of the Council stressed the need for the Prime Minister to attend the Dome of the Council to listen to the details that accompanied the demonstrations in the past days and to uncover the circumstances of the targeting of peaceful demonstrators and the excessive use of force against them, based on the demands of a number of women and gentlemen of deputies to host the Prime Minister .

In turn, President Halbousi noted that the Presidency of the Council sent an official letter to the Office of the Prime Minister on the request for hosting, indicating that the Council is awaiting a response from the Prime Minister and in the event of his presence will be a public session and convey directly to the public.

He directed the President of the Council to determine the next meeting to host the Prime Minister, indicating that in the absence of his presence will proceed with the procedures of questioning.

On the other hand, the Council finished discussing and reading the report of the draft law of the first amendment to the unified retirement law number 9 for the year 2014 submitted by the financial and legal committees.

The deputies’ interventions focused on the importance of reducing the powers granted to the Prime Minister in the law, especially extending the service and granting job titles. In particular to address the referrals of retirees of special grades and demand to preserve the entitlements of martyrs and political prisoners and not to prejudice in the amendment of the unified retirement law as a law, and call for the inclusion of employees of the mixed sector procedures D rather than social security and claim the exception of the Federal Court of measures to amend the law.

Then the President of the Council announced the adjournment of the meeting until the presence of the Prime Minister



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