Urgent First official toll of victims of today’s demonstrations

Date: 2019/10/25 13:17

BAGHDAD: The Office of Human Rights, the first official statistics of the victims of the popular demonstrations witnessed in the capital Baghdad and the provinces on Friday 25/10/2019.

A statement issued by the Commission received a copy of the agency (Euphrates News) that it “documented through its observation teams the fall of one martyr in the city of medicine and wounded {227} wounded, including {224} wounded in Baghdad and three wounded in the province of Muthanna as a result of the use of tear gas and sound bombs and hot water During clashes between demonstrators and security forces when they tried to enter the Green Zone. ”

He added, “The Commission also documented the injury of the correspondent of the channel (Alsumaria) and the German television cadre.

“It also confirms that the monitoring and complaints teams of the Commission are located in the yards of protest and demonstrations and in hospitals and health centers.”

The Commission on Human Rights “it is ready to receive complaints about all violations and all citizens, and our Office did not monitor the presence of cases of injury or assault on property or demonstrators in the rest of the provinces and the situation so far is going well.”


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