The Higher Committee for the Coordination of Protests calls on the Sadrist movement not to ride the wave of demonstrations

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Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The Central Committee for Coordination of the Iraqi Protests on Thursday called on the Sadrist movement not to ride the wave of demonstrations.

The committee said in a statement, “We demanded earlier that the ruling parties do not ride the wave of demonstrations, as the target of these protests is the government and its parties; What they want. ”

She added, “The talk here is directed to the Sadrist movement in particular is the protector and the maker and sponsor of this repressive government corrupt.”

The committee went on to say, “The only way they get down the rebellious street is to mix papers and protests; thus, they can be easily suppressed, as they did previously by stealing the protesters’ efforts in previous years.”

She pointed out that “the right place for the Sadrist movement, which has the largest parliamentary bloc is the parliament and its influence within the state is enough to carry out these reforms from the responsibility and not to demonstrate itself, and therefore we consider this step of the current is a clear hostile step to protect the government and corrupt parties.”

“In order to prevent as many martyrs as possible from the oppressive organs and the Sadrists’ militias spread throughout the protest areas, we ask all independents to postpone their arrival on the street for further notice in order to protect the revolution and to miss the opportunity for the conspirators against the popular movement. “.

“We have nothing in common with the ruling parties and we are not united with them by a protest or sit-in. They bear the blood of more than 6,000 martyrs and wounded people.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiImpFb8iVnD6qVrIOPvHyFF6_roA


URGENT Abdul Mahdi’s speech to the Iraqi people on the eve of Friday demonstrations

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Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi addressed the Iraqi people late on Thursday night and on the eve of popular demonstrations scheduled for Friday.

Abdul – Mahdi: We are in front of the system was not aware of the political forces crisis

Abdul – Mahdi: The primary mission is to ensure the highest level of freedoms, security and employment opportunities

Abdul – Mahdi: We will conduct ministerial changes away from quotas next week ,

Abdul – Mahdi stresses reduce the salaries of officials to half and give them to the people

, ministers, deputies and special grades agents and schools two years

Abdul – Mahdi: We will give candidates the federal service to parliament next week ,

Abdul – Mahdi: the cabinet will bring his proposal to the parliament to amend the provincial elections law and parliament

Abdul – Mahdi: We seek to form a new Commission elections are independent

Mahdi must: the application of the law of parties and to prevent armed groups from party work and participate in the elections

Abdul Mahdi: the subordination of all oil exports , including in the region ‘s oil – policy

Abdul – Mahdi: grants every Iraqi does not have an income 130 thousand dinars per month

Abdul Mahdi: a regional conference of Iraq ‘s neighboring countries to prevent the danger of war in the region

Abdul – Mahdi: No demonstrations without the approval of the Ministry of Interior

Abdul Mahdi: the agreement on the legalization of all three presidencies offices and make them less expensive

Abdul Mahdi: Commission of inquiry is not an executive but to diagnose the events of demonstrations

Abdul Mahdi defends the investigative events of demonstrations and confirms: accept objection

Abdul Mahdi: cut the nomination election age and win the highest votes

Abdul Mahdi: senior officers exemption does not mean out of service and otherwise misunderstanding

Abdul – Mahdi: government Supported Parliament’s decision to freeze the work of the provincial councils

Abdul Mahdi: call for early elections is a constitutional and unequivocal right and

I will be pleased according to the Constitution, either pressure and portrayal of people this is

Abdul Mahdi refuses to resign and promises early elections “adventurous”

Abdul Mahdi: the resignation of the government means to go to chaos and against reform

Abdul Mahdi criticizes Abadi “implicitly” and boast of defeating ISIS

Abdul Mahdi attacks the previous government and loaded large debts on Iraq

Abdul Mahdi: Some exploit events to raise prices We will hold them accountable by law

Abdul Mahdi: We directed to release all detained demonstrators and not to pursue the media

Abdul Mahdi: The armed forces thrown demonstrations a big mistake and we replaced them with law enforcement forces ..

Saturday .. Parliamentary session “postponed” to discuss Abdul – Mahdi ‘s speech

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Deputy Alliance said on Thursday that the next Saturday will see the postponed session of the House of Representatives, noting that it will be devoted to discuss the “reforms of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi,” which will be announced in his upcoming speech today.

The Information Office of the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday the existence of a letter to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to the Iraqi people, on the urgent steps and reform measures, on Thursday.

The MP for the coalition Abbas Aliwi, in a statement to local media, followed by “obelisk”, “Abdul-Mahdi’s expected speech today will include a series of reforms and recommendations to achieve the demands of the demonstrators, which will be in need of a vote in the House of Representatives,” pointing out that “Saturday’s session Next will be complementary to Abdul Mahdi’s reforms. ”

He added that the session “is still going on, and has not been postponed because it is necessary for recommendations on the amendment of laws on the demands of demonstrators,” noting that “the session will be devoted to discuss the decisions of the government and parliament on the demonstrators and pass most of the important laws.”

Iraqi Interior Ministry issued a statement on Friday demonstrations

Mubasher: The Iraqi Interior Ministry issued a statement on Friday demonstrations.

The official spokesman for the ministry, according to the Iraqi News Agency “conscious”, that the organs of the ministry will enter into a state of maximum alert;

He added that the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Interior directed all security forces to deal responsibly with protesters in accordance with human rights principles and abide by the directives to protect peaceful demonstrations.

He continued: “There is no need to worry about the start of the demonstrations after the lessons learned from the previous demonstrations.

He pointed out that citizens have the full right to express their opinions and positions, and that the responsibility of the security forces is to secure demonstrations and maintain civil peace and protect the interests of citizens and ensure the flow of movement in Baghdad and cities.

He stressed that the forces of law enforcement will perform this responsibility in cooperation with the citizens to preserve the public interest.

The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Wednesday evening, he will address a letter to the Iraqi people , on Thursday; on urgent steps and reform measures.


Iraqi President directs the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators according to timetables

Iraqi Oil: Provides strategic storage of oil derivatives for emergencies

Iraqi Minister: We seek to provide the appropriate environment to encourage the return of migrants

Iraq .. Form a committee to study the settlement of the obligations of the Ministry of Electricity towards oil

Iraqi ministers decide to pay the remaining dues for the daily wage

Iraq .. orders to return 10.96 thousand employees of the Ministry of Defense for service

Iraqi “integrity” forms investigation teams to receive the files of the offices of general inspectors

A curfew in three cities hours after the assassination of three officials in Diyala



in Diyala

Abi Saida

2019/10/24 08:24:42

Security authorities in Diyala province imposed a curfew in three cities following the assassination of local officials.

A security official told Shafaq News that authorities had imposed a curfew in al-Wajih, Muqdadiya and Abu Saida, for fear of events following the assassination.

On Thursday, unidentified gunmen assassinated the head of Abu Saida’s local council, Saad Sereiwi and his son, before gunmen assassinated the district’s director, Abu Saida, Harith al-Rubaie.

Sadr announces a set of instructions for the demonstrators and appeals to the President of the Republic


2019/10/24 07:47:53

Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement, on Thursday issued a series of instructions to the demonstrators, who plan to stage protests on Friday.

A close associate of the current leader, Saleh al-Iraqi, in a Facebook post:


First: As the protester will give you a rose Via, valiant, give them a rose

Second: Those who did not decide to participate in the demonstrations should support even a word or moral support such as disrupting all works for Friday only.

Third: The imams of Friday prayers tomorrow should address the demonstrations in a positive and indicative manner

Fourth: The demonstrators may need logistical support such as food, drink, medicine and so on.

Fifth: I call on the elders of the tribes to protect their children demonstrators as much as possible, even morally

Sixth: In case of attacking the demonstrators, the jihadist MP should throw peace companies to spread peace in acceptable ways to protect the demonstrators without weapons.

VII: pray in mosques, Husseiniyas, places of worship and churches to preserve Iraq and the safety of rebels and the removal of corrupt

Eighth: Medical bodies such as hospitals and other necessary facilities shall not interrupt their work during the demonstrations

Ninth: In the case of blocking roads from either party, the conscious should deal with the matter with caution and anticipation

Tenth: If the government breaks the Internet unjustly and aggression, those outside Iraq should support their brothers as much as possible

Eleventh: Raise the Iraqi flag on the roofs of houses, shops, buildings, mosques, etc.

Twelfth: In case of attacking the demonstrators, the (President of the Republic) shall carry out the necessary legal, social and moral contexts.

With the end of the day to resolve the special grades what will Mahdi do

Release Date:: 2019/10/24 15:43


Counting today is the deadline for the vote of the House of Representatives to file special grades.

Parliamentary sources said in press statements today that “the government did not submit before this date to the parliament a list of the names of special grades to vote on them, and the parliament did not specify a session for this day and identified next Saturday.”

He added that “according to the fiscal budget law of 2019, officials who hold positions in the agency is not entitled after this date to sign the official books.”

The sources pointed out that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will provide a list of names, but it is a rotation of general managers and not the search for new competencies.”

“There is also the possibility that there will be a quorum for the House of Representatives if the demonstrations continue tomorrow in Baghdad and other provinces and cut off roads and entrances to the Green Zone in the meantime, the Prime Minister hinted that he will submit to the House of Representatives reshuffle.”

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, had previously confirmed that the constitution and the law prohibits each degree holder to exercise his work unless parliament votes in favor of him since the first of the first month of this year and the date of the entry into force of the 2019 budget law, which abolished the work of the Agency for special grades and granting a period of appointment to them.

Harb said in a statement that “the constitution obliged the Council of Ministers to present the names of candidates for special grades to Parliament and because Article 61 of the Constitution mandated the parliament to vote for the candidate to fill the special class or not, so that the candidate for the special degree is treated as a candidate for the post of minister does not exercise his work as a minister until the vote In favor of Parliament. ”

He pointed out, “ This is not for those named in the list of candidates for the post of Inspector General and accepted by all who have been appointed since 1/1/2019 may not exercise his work and his position as being a special grade under-secretary and undersecretary special degree higher than the degree of adviser, which is a special degree also It should be noted the term special degree contained in Article 80 of the Constitution on the Council of Ministers and Article 61 of the Constitution on the House of Representatives.

Source: evacuation of the majority of government banks

Diyala / Al-Ghad Press: 

A security source said on Thursday that most state banks were evacuated due to Friday’s demonstrations.

The source told “Tomorrow Press”, “has been evacuated the majority of government banks in Baghdad and a number of provinces in anticipation of any emergency that may occur during the demonstrations tomorrow, Friday, 25 October.”

He added that “the distribution of government salaries of employees before the demonstrations is part of the evacuation of banks from their assets.”

The source reported yesterday the evacuation of several circles of important files and computers.

The Prime Minister’s Office denies the relationship of its director, Mohammad Al-Hashimi (Abu Jihad) to the subject of the demonstrators

Baghdad – “Liberation squares”

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s office issued a statement denying an article published by Foreign Policy magazine and Al-Hurra TV on the relationship between its director Mohammed al-Hashemi (Abu Jihad) and the protesters.

The statement pointed out that the author’s claim that the director of the prime minister’s office played a role in the events that accompanied the demonstrations is untrue. Iraq was on a government mission in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom.