Parliamentarian calls for dissolving the House of Representatives and change the system of government to presidential

Date: 2019/10/23 15:16


MP Ali al-Sajri, on Wednesday, called for the dissolution of the House of Representatives, because of the spread of the “phenomenon of corruption”, and change the system of government from parliamentary to presidential.

“I call for writing a constitution in the spirit of Iraqi patriotism and victory for the Iraqi blood that has marched in the streets of protest, changing the system from parliamentary to presidential, and the role of the next parliament will be arbitrary and not a thief for the good of the country and achieve the interests of its partisan parties,” he said.

“I call on all Iraqis who are jealous of their people and country to reject the one-party policy and the bloc that controls the people’s abilities,” he said, calling on peaceful demonstrators to raise their voices firmly and demand the dissolution of parliament, presidential elections, activation of the supervisory role and accountability for corrupt people.

He stressed that “one of the reasons for the disruption of the work of parliamentarian is to impose decisions and control of heads of blocs on most of them and this is what we reject in full and in detail.”

He stressed the need for “the security services to preserve the lives of the demonstrators, because the demonstrators their demands are legitimate and the duty to implement, a right standing behind a jealous youth generation.”

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