Barzani warns against causing the perpetrators of “corruption and problems” wave of demonstrations and harm the government

2019/10/23 05:54:18

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Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Massoud Barzani warned on Wednesday against the cause of “corruption and problems” caused by the wave of demonstrations in the country and damaging the federal government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi.

This came during a meeting today in Salah al-Din, John Wilkes, British ambassador to Iraq, according to a statement issued by Barzani’s office.

The statement said that “during the meeting, which was attended by James Sorenton, British Consul General in Erbil, the British Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for the Kurdistan region. He announced Britain’s readiness to develop relations with the region and Iraq.”

“The political situation in Iraq and the region and the latest changes in the region and the world were discussed, and the threats and dangers of the re-emergence of ISIS,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that “in another axis of the meeting, touched on the situation in western Kurdistan, and the waves of displacement from Syria to the Kurdistan region, and both sides declared their rejection of the possibilities of demographic change in that region. Both sides agreed that the current complex situation would damage joint efforts against terrorism and help to mobilize ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

At the same meeting, they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq, and the two sides stressed the need to implement the legitimate demands of citizens and improve their living conditions, as well as the implementation of service projects in central and southern Iraq.

In this regard, Barzani stressed that the mistakes and shortcomings of the past should not be allowed to fall on the current government, not to give room for those who were the causes of corruption and problems to the rise of the wave of popular protests, and to harm Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabin.

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