The Kurdistan Council of Ministers sends a message to the demonstrators: We hope for a positive response from Baghdad

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, on Wednesday, a letter to the demonstrators in various Iraqi provinces, and amongst that he stands with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, expressed the hope that there will be a positive response by the federal government.

The media of the Council said in a statement received, “Baghdad today,” that “the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Masroor Barzani and the presence of his deputy Qubad Talabani, and at the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister pointed out The report said that the first 100 days of the work of the ninth formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will be announced in the coming days, to include in detail the projects completed and those that have not been completed with a statement of reasons. Knowing the nature of her work. ”

He added: “In another aspect of the meeting, the Prime Minister touched on developments in the Iraqi arena,” stressing: “We are with the legitimate and legal demands of the demonstrators in Iraq, and reject all forms of violence from any party.”

He added: “We support the reform steps taken by the federal government, and urge citizens to present their demands peacefully, and we hope the institutions of the federal government to work responsibly with regard to the peaceful demands of the demonstrators,” pointing out that “the stability of the situation in Iraq is in the interest of all Iraqis, including the province Facebook Facebook logo Links on “Kurdistan.

He hoped that “the problems will be solved based on the Constitution, where the KRG hopes to respond positively to its proposals to the federal government.”

“The cabinet meeting discussed the situation in Kurdistan Syria and northeastern Syria, and the prime minister expressed concern over the escalation,” the council statement said, referring to the negative repercussions on the region, which has so far received more than 8,000 Syrian refugees.

The Prime Minister, that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is doing everything possible to help refugees and displaced people,” reiterating his call for the federal government and the international community to “move in this framework.”

The Cabinet discussed “reviewing the administrative and financial structure of ministries and bodies not linked to the Ministry in the context of the current situation, within the institutionalization and reduction of expenditures based on the government’s program of work.” In another paragraph of the meeting, After the discussion, the cabinet approved in principle the project after making some changes.

The Council of Ministers listened to the report of the Department of Follow-up and Coordination on the collection and archiving of agreements and treaties concluded during the visit of official delegations of the Kurdistan Regional Government to foreign countries, stressing that the statements, travel and conferences are in accordance with the needs in the framework of the reforms of the Kurdistan Regional Government.


A leader of the Sadrist movement reveals why Sadr called on his supporters and his affiliates to be prepared


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Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The leader of the Sadrist movement, the Governor of Zamili, on Wednesday (October 23, 2019), the reason for announcing the state of alert called for by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr in his last letter.

Zamili said in an interview with (Baghdad today), “The Iraqi situation is worried and convulsive, and the entry of Americans from Syria to Iraq in large numbers, and the intelligence agencies operating in Iraq, and the state’s fragile security situation, make the preparedness comes to protect him from any emergency may occur.”

He added, “The sons of the current are ready to protect the demonstrators and state institutions, people’s property and help the Iraqi people to any external or internal emergency.”

He continued, “The Sadrist movement is part of the Iraqi people, and so far has not issued clear instructions from the leader of the Sadrist movement regarding participation or not.”

He pointed out that “Sadr supports the demonstrations in general, and support for the Iraqi people, including the sons of the Sadrist movement to demand their rights.”

A page close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called, on Tuesday, all the formations of the current and the grassroots, to prepare and prepare from next Thursday night to further notice.

The page “Saleh Mohammed Iraqi”, on the site “Facebook”, that “administrators and workers, especially the Special Office, the political body and the bloc of Saron, and the Peace Brigades, the conscious popular base, and the private security and service committee, to remain fully prepared and ready for every emergency, And prepare for every order. ”

She added that the readiness starts from “the next Thursday night 26 of the month of zero, and to further notice, because of what Iraq is going through the circumstances of the revolution and the threat to it,” stipulating “to do the moral and legitimate duty with regard to the anniversary of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him and The God of the pure good, “calling at the same time everyone to” implement the decision without delay. ”

Sadr put forward 15 proposals for demonstrators next Friday .. Wave of the people is coming

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Baghdad Today _ Baghdad

Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement, on Wednesday, presented 15 proposals to the demonstrators on Friday, while assuring the protesters that in the event of assault on you again, we will act in a way that suits the satisfaction of God and satisfaction.

“I promised God that I would not be the backbone of the corrupt, but as my father taught me to be a supporter of the reformers,” Sadr said in a statement obtained by Baghdad today.

In his statement, al-Sadr mentioned 15 points that were singled out by the demonstrators as follows:

First point: Give your brother in the security forces a rose.

The second point: the spirit of perseverance and patience for the homeland love the country of faith.

The third point: to preserve the property of the public and private people understand your brothers.

The third point: that the good does not target the guilt of the corrupt, in the government who are overwhelmed, do not hurt them.

Point Four: Reflect a beautiful picture of your organization and your cheers, your actions and your actions.

Fifth point: Do not start violence, corrupt is not afraid of arms more than peace.

Sixth point: Many people, even those who belong to the parties who are not in the government, want to participate, but it is ignorant of your demands and your mechanisms.

Point 7: Keep yourself as much as possible.

Point 8: Do not allow anyone to confiscate your efforts to those at home and abroad, you are the owners of the initiative.

Point nine: Your brothers in the (Sadrists) all formations at your service .. We ask God that you do not need the help of anyone.

Point 10: Raising the level of your demands is a good condition on the prudence in order not to lose Iraq constitutionally and security .. Please pay attention.

Point XI: document and pictures what happens as much as possible.

Point 12: Your reputation is more important than your demands.

Point 13: I advise in coordination with the Iraqi tribes and cultural, literary and media elites and others.

Point fifteenth: the patience of the corrupt quickly run out and your patience longer Vtassoa rope of God and do not despair Vslmetkm greater than their walls and their weapons.

Finally, know that if you are assaulted again, we will act in a way that suits the satisfaction of God.

The leader of the Sadrist movement said: “The wave of the people is coming through the shore of the bow and you corrupt bend.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiBjDHGyTolczo8tW8FnA0apuB-og

Highlights of Abdul Mahdi’s speech to the people tomorrow (expanded)

Release date:: 2019/10/23 17:05

BAGHDAD: The Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Wednesday that he will address on Thursday to the Iraqi people on the urgent steps and reform measures.

The following are the most important steps and urgent reform measures, according to the statement of the Information Office of Abdul-Mahdi:

1. We will conduct the next session of the House of Representatives next week, ministerial amendments away from the concepts of quotas and focus on competencies and the independence of ministers and the increasing presence of young people.

2. The Government affirms the importance of the Supreme Judicial Council to form (the Central Court for Combating Corruption) to hold corrupt persons accountable, and open corruption files clearly and in front of the public opinion, especially those that affect the theft of funds for vital projects such as hospitals, schools, streets, bridges, dams and other basic projects capable of absorbing more job opportunities. Especially for the poor. Working hard with the legislature to enact a law (where do you get this) includes senior officials, emphasizing the importance of localization of salaries and encircling transactions in paper currency and paper transactions, which helps to expose the inflation of the funds of many officials and enable justice to pursue them.

3- Reducing the salaries of officials up to the fourth degree of presidencies, ministers, members of the House of Representatives, special grades, agents and managers to reach in the high cases by half so that the highest salary and allocations do not exceed 10 million dinars per month, and to include a decline at the appropriate rates in line with the salary scale of the fifth degree and below. And raise the minimum salary.

4. Allocation of funds derived from the reduction of salaries in addition to the State’s contribution to the establishment of a social security fund to ensure that no Iraqi remains below the poverty line, and that any Iraqi who has no income or any member of a family without income to receive a monthly grant of not less than 130 thousand dinars, and provides The Council of Ministers to achieve this draft law, which began drafting as soon as the House of Representatives for approval.

5.The preservation of the country’s sovereignty comes from respect for the rights and freedoms of the people, as well as from the development of its own capabilities to maintain its security and sovereignty and continue to fight terrorism and ISIS.The government has confirmed that it has not granted permission for US forces withdrawing from Syrian territory to remain in Iraqi territory as reported by some media. We have issued an official statement and we are taking all international legal measures and demanding the international community and the United Nations to play their role in this regard.

Any presence of foreign forces must be approved by the Iraqi government and terminated if requested by the Iraqi government. is over

Urgent Abdul Mahdi’s first comment on the results of the investigation of the events of the demonstrations

Date: 2019/10/23 15:26

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Commented by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the results of the Commission investigative events events.

“The results of the investigative committee and its professional report will be dealt with. We stand firmly and firmly with our army, police and peshmerga forces,” he said.

He called on “the political forces to work together to solve the problems and respect the work of the three authorities and state institutions for the common good.”

“The martyrs are the guiding light of this nation and its leaders who open the horizons of the future and defend their homelands and peoples,” he said.

“We will continue to fight ISIS and face this challenge despite all the difficulties,” he said.

He stressed, “We hear the demands of our people and work to meet them, and that ISIS is still engaged in acts of terrorism and is trying to exploit the tasks of our forces and intensified its activities, in addition to regional developments and brotherly Syria, leaving our security forces in front of several challenges and threats.”

Parliamentarian calls for dissolving the House of Representatives and change the system of government to presidential

Date: 2019/10/23 15:16


MP Ali al-Sajri, on Wednesday, called for the dissolution of the House of Representatives, because of the spread of the “phenomenon of corruption”, and change the system of government from parliamentary to presidential.

“I call for writing a constitution in the spirit of Iraqi patriotism and victory for the Iraqi blood that has marched in the streets of protest, changing the system from parliamentary to presidential, and the role of the next parliament will be arbitrary and not a thief for the good of the country and achieve the interests of its partisan parties,” he said.

“I call on all Iraqis who are jealous of their people and country to reject the one-party policy and the bloc that controls the people’s abilities,” he said, calling on peaceful demonstrators to raise their voices firmly and demand the dissolution of parliament, presidential elections, activation of the supervisory role and accountability for corrupt people.

He stressed that “one of the reasons for the disruption of the work of parliamentarian is to impose decisions and control of heads of blocs on most of them and this is what we reject in full and in detail.”

He stressed the need for “the security services to preserve the lives of the demonstrators, because the demonstrators their demands are legitimate and the duty to implement, a right standing behind a jealous youth generation.”

US Defense Secretary arrives in Baghdad on an unannounced visit

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Baghdad Today – Baghdad

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday for a secret visit.

A source told (Baghdad today) that “Esber arrived in the early hours of this morning to Baghdad an unannounced visit,” noting that “the US secretary is scheduled to discuss with his Iraqi counterpart to transfer his country’s troops from Syria and keep them in Iraq, in addition to the fight against ISIS. ”

The US secretary made a secret visit to Saudi Arabia on Monday (October 21, 2019) to discuss the two countries’ shared concerns as tensions with Iran escalate during a Middle East tour.

According to Saudi media, Esber held talks with King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and his crown prince.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday (October 20, 2019) that 1,000 troops withdrawn from Syria were expected to go to western Iraq.

He said, “The forces in western Iraq will focus on helping to defend Iraq, and the fight against” ISIS. “According to the agency” Reuters “.

“The ceasefire in northeastern Syria is generally coherent,” he said.

“It is expected that all the troops withdrawing from northern Syria, which number about a thousand troops to western Iraq, to continue the campaign against ISIS fighters and to help defend Iraq.”

“The US withdrawal is well underway in northeastern Syria,” Asper told reporters on his way to the Middle East. “We are talking about weeks, not days. The current plan is to relocate those forces in western Iraq.”

“There are about 1,000 people,” he said.

Muthanna police direct their employees on Friday demonstration: be patient and tolerant


2019-10-23 | 07:13


Al-Muthanna police command issued on Wednesday orders and instructions related to the demonstration to be held on Friday, instructing its members to “be patient and tolerant in case of friction” by demonstrators, while preventing the wearing of the veil “for whatever reasons.”

Barzani warns against causing the perpetrators of “corruption and problems” wave of demonstrations and harm the government

2019/10/23 05:54:18

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Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Massoud Barzani warned on Wednesday against the cause of “corruption and problems” caused by the wave of demonstrations in the country and damaging the federal government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi.

This came during a meeting today in Salah al-Din, John Wilkes, British ambassador to Iraq, according to a statement issued by Barzani’s office.

The statement said that “during the meeting, which was attended by James Sorenton, British Consul General in Erbil, the British Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for the Kurdistan region. He announced Britain’s readiness to develop relations with the region and Iraq.”

“The political situation in Iraq and the region and the latest changes in the region and the world were discussed, and the threats and dangers of the re-emergence of ISIS,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that “in another axis of the meeting, touched on the situation in western Kurdistan, and the waves of displacement from Syria to the Kurdistan region, and both sides declared their rejection of the possibilities of demographic change in that region. Both sides agreed that the current complex situation would damage joint efforts against terrorism and help to mobilize ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

At the same meeting, they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq, and the two sides stressed the need to implement the legitimate demands of citizens and improve their living conditions, as well as the implementation of service projects in central and southern Iraq.

In this regard, Barzani stressed that the mistakes and shortcomings of the past should not be allowed to fall on the current government, not to give room for those who were the causes of corruption and problems to the rise of the wave of popular protests, and to harm Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabin.

Meeting at the Peace Palace: Emphasis on securing the protection of demonstrators and meeting their legitimate demands

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President Barham Salih hosted a meeting held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Wednesday 23rd, which included Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Fayeq Zidan.

According to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic, which received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “the meeting examined the current political and security situation in the country, and stressed the importance of moving fixed timetables to implement the legitimate demands of demonstrators in the reform and anti-corruption and to secure the protection of the constitutional right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression and protection Security, public property and community peace. ” is over