The first response from the Iraqi government to the results of the investigation of the demonstrations


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2019-10-22 06:10:06

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Iraqi government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said on Tuesday that the prime minister will rely on the results of the investigation committee on the events, which showed the use of excessive force of security forces against protesters, and recommended the exemption of a number of security leaders.

Al-Hadithi told Shafaq News that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will adopt this report in making a number of decisions regarding accountability, accountability and prosecution of each party and a person found in the report that he committed legal violations or minors in the events that occurred during the demonstrations, or committed any form “Crimes against demonstrators, against members of the security forces or against public or private money.”

The Iraqi government spokesman added that “Abdul Mahdi will refer the negligent to the competent judicial authorities to issue appropriate penalties against them and take decisions in order to send messages reassuring that the Iraqi government is determined to address everyone who caused casualties in the demonstrations.”

The ministerial inquiry into Iraq’s protests, using excessive force by security forces against the demonstrators, has killed 149 people and left more than 4,000 demonstrators alone.

According to the report of the Commission, the proportion of the victims of the largest protests recorded in the capital Baghdad, killing 107 and wounding 3458, and the killing of four members of the security forces and wounded

363. The demonstrators are not disciplined by burning security, government and party headquarters, and some demonstrators throwing Molotov cocktails at the security forces.

He also said that the burning of state institutions by elements to divert the protests from their peaceful nature, and the media and communications did not take action against the inciting channels that broadcast hatred, stressing also “no official orders from the higher authorities to shoot demonstrators.”

The report of the ministerial investigative committee recommended the exemption of the commander of Baghdad operations and referred it to an investigative council, and the exemption of the deputy commander of Baghdad operations, and the commander of the Baghdad police.

The report also recommended the exemption of Babylon’s police chief, the Nasiriyah police chief, the Diwaniyah police chief, the Missan police chief, the Najaf police chief, the commander of the 11th Division, the commander of the 1st Federal Police Division, the 45th Infantry Brigade commander, and the commander of the Rafidain operations.

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