Parliament sets next Saturday the date of its session to discuss the demands of the demonstrators

Date: 2019/10/22 20:42


The General Secretariat of the House of Representatives confirmed the date of the next parliament session.

According to a statement received [where] a copy of it, “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has agreed in agreement with the heads of the blocks to hold meetings for the month of October and in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Council, and to hold 8 meetings per month, taking into account the dates of the visit of the martyrs of the martyrs Imam Hussein {it Accordingly, the next session, as scheduled, will be held on Saturday, 26 of this month, and will be devoted to follow up the demands of the demonstrators, and to discuss the final government report on the investigation of attacks on demonstrators, and the presence of a number of executives.

He stressed that “no response to the Presidency of the House of Representatives until now any legal request to hold an emergency session.”

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