Amendment of the law on retirement and income tax .. Details of the third package of decisions of the Iraqi government

Council of Ministers

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Economy News – Baghdad

The government has unveiled details of the third package of measures taken to meet the legitimate demands of the recent protests and the aspirations of the Iraqi people to provide job opportunities and training for the unemployed.

The package of measures announced by the government, according to a statement, on Monday, a number of decisions aimed at providing jobs and building Iraqi capacity through the provision of training and granting facilities to support small and medium enterprises and the amendment of the laws of retirement and taxes.

The government decided that the Ministry of Electricity will prepare special programs in its vocational training centers for three months or more to train young graduates of middle and middle school, including industry and technical colleges, and the unemployed who are registered in the database of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The decision to provide the Ministry of Electricity trainee monthly salary of 150 thousand dinars during the training session.

It was agreed to allocate a piece of land for each group of young people (3 persons and more);

The decision also included the Ministry of Electricity granting every young person who successfully completed the training course a monthly salary of 250 thousand dinars for the first six months until the development of their capabilities, and that the public distribution companies in the Ministry of Electricity to contract directly with these workshops and with the exception of the contracting methods provided and instructions to implement the budget Its time.

Amendment of the Unified Retirement Law

The package included a draft law to amend the unified retirement law No. (9) of 2014; to include the employee’s retirement at the age of 60 years and the abolition of all exceptions.

The decision provided for the retirement of the employee of the university service to retire upon completion of 63 years, may be extended to rare specialties and those in need of his services upon the recommendation of the University Council and the approval of the competent minister.

The Cabinet decided to reduce the retirement age for employees wishing to retire and receive their pension salaries at the age of 45 instead of 50 years; if he has a service of at least 15 years.

Amend the Income Tax Law

The government announced a project to amend the income tax law no.

 Completing citizens’ transactions

The government also announced that the Field Follow-up Cell in the Prime Minister’s Office will be responsible for receiving complaints from citizens from state departments through the cell phone numbers announced. For the purpose of punishing negligence.

Over the past few days, the Government has announced a series of measures and reforms with regard to employment, housing and land distribution.

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