Iraqi Prime Minister pledges to hold the targets of the demonstrators accountable

Participants in the procession «visit forty» chanting against corruption

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Sadrists chant against corruption during visit to …

Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

At a time when Iraqis are holding their breath pending the announcement of the results of the investigation into the targeting of demonstrators, social networking sites continue to publish data on the mobilization of the demonstrations of the twenty-fifth of this month.

The investigative committee chaired by the Iraqi Minister of Planning Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi, which includes senior ministers and military and security leaders, handed yesterday its final report to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who confirmed, according to a statement issued by his office, that he will announce the results of the report within a few days, while a security official expected Iraqi in a statement to «Middle East» that «the results may be announced tomorrow after the completion of all the information that had been seen by the Commission of Inquiry from the sites of events according to the provinces where the demonstrations». Regarding whether the report had reached significant results, the security official said: “According to the indications, the committee has worked professionally and has reached important information about the demonstrations targeted by the people, as well as the families of the victims who were killed as a result of direct killings and sniping. Or security forces. ”

Abdul-Mahdi said during a message to the occasion of «Arbain visit» Imam Hussein on the evening of yesterday, working on «accountability for negligent in demonstrations, whatever his position in the state where no one is above the law». Abdul-Mahdi added that «the popular popular, security and service efforts exerted in this visit comes in conjunction with an ongoing national and governmental effort and reform to reform and construction and meet legitimate demands and face corruption and fight and recover the rights and funds of the people, whatever the difficulties and challenges». He explained that «will not deviate from the approach to address strongly and resolutely and responsibility for the manifestations of deviation and corruption and the abolition of living inequality and achieve social justice, and achieve reform, which has become a requirement agreed upon and shared by all Iraqis of different affiliations and addresses».

Security expert Saeed al-Jayashi told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Supreme Investigation Committee, under the supervision of the Prime Minister and under the supervision of the Minister of Planning, has sent sub-committees to each governorate where demonstrations have taken place to show the facts of the cause of the death and injury of a number of demonstrators and security forces. He added: «All sub-committees completed the evening of the day before yesterday and submitted their reports to the main committee, which unified these reports and is preparing to submit to the Council of Ministers», stressing that «included the identification of defaults and pointing out the defects and the nature of the events that took place».

In the same context, ruled out Iraqi MP Abdullah al-Kharbit in a statement to «Middle East» that «Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi can identify those who confronted the demonstrators and caused so many victims among them».

But Adnan al-Sarraj, head of the Iraqi Center for Media Development, tells Asharq Al-Awsat that “the Iraqi prime minister is in a better position today to clarify his position on the demands and protests first and to verify the violations that took place during the demonstrations.” “This time, he quickly issued a package of solutions that could give a strong cooling effect if some of them were already implemented, and that I expect, even at reasonable rates, would be acceptable to the street.” He pointed out that «among the issues that can contribute to the resolution of the crisis, at least in part is the exemptions that occurred to the Directors-General and some special grades». Regarding identifying those who fail to target the demonstrators, Al-Sarraj said that this depends on the identity of the defendants who beat the demonstrators. “The indicators will be professional, not political, and therefore it is already a candidate to diagnose cases that have occurred, particularly the excessive use of force, as well as the engineers or (the third party) who suppressed the demonstrators.” But Sarraj ruled out «under the current circumstances the possibility of identifying the main perpetrator and indictment or judicial referral for lack of conclusive evidence against the real perpetrators».

Thousands of followers of the Sadrist movement responded to the appeal issued by Muqtada al-Sadr to the need to raise slogans condemning corruption during the «visit forty» with the wearing of shrouds. “No, no to corruption, yes, yes to reform,” they chanted. “Baghdad is free, free,” he said.

Khudair Naeem, from the oil-rich southern city of Basra, denounced the “corrupt” who, according to official figures, have contributed more than $ 450 billion in looting over the past 16 years.

“Iraq is one of the richest countries, but its people are suffering from poverty,” Naim told AFP. He added, with his white beard and black hat: “Unfortunately, the necks of the poor and the people have shed some criminal tyrant groups.”

The Iraqi street has recently been rocked by protests demanding job opportunities, public services, fighting corruption and leading to the unprecedented overthrow of the government. Between October 1 and 6, 110 people were killed and 6,000 injured, most of them demonstrators, according to official figures.

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