Coordination of demonstrations: Sadr bears the bulk of the failure of this government

 Policy 2019/10/19 23:29  1813    

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The leader of Sadr’s movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, “bears the brunt” of the government’s failure, the Supreme Committee for the Coordination of Protests in Iraq said on Saturday.

The committee said in a statement that it “took note of the statement issued by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, and while appreciating the role of His Eminence in supporting the demonstrators and stand with them in their true demands, but also bear the bulk of the failure of this government as the strongest player among the political forces that brought the government “.

The High Committee demanded that “all parties and currents support the demands of the rebels and adopt them under the dome of parliament and through pressure on the government, away from taking to the street and the adoption of the option of demonstration because this party protests and drag them into the political trap.”

“Our demands are not political, but purely national service and are not driven by any party or external party. The street belongs to everyone, any party or movement that wants to demonstrate. We ask it to come down at any time other than determined by the Central High Committee.”

The leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, issued on Saturday, a statement on the demonstrations scheduled to start on October 25, indicating that all politicians and government live in a state of terror and hysteria of the tide of the public and trying to remedy them.

Sadr said in a statement, “Sheafqa, you revolutionaries … Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. You may have decided to order you to demonstrate on the 25th of the Gregorian month. “All the politicians and the government are living in a state of terror and hysteria from the popular tide and they are all trying to remedy their situation. But they will not and they will not be too late.”

He added, “They all want to make some temptations to silence you, such as appointments, salaries and the like. All of them have prepared themselves for the worst-case scenarios, and all of them have come together to find solutions. But there will be no solution. “They all know that they have surrendered to those outside the border and that they will not be able to make any decision without their consent,” he said.

Sadr continued, “They all realized that Iraq has become an arena for settling internal and external accounts, and all of them acquiesced that the majority of the people do not want them, especially after the revolution of shrouds added a new splendor, so they are resorting to cunning and savvy Vntonk fools, but they are fools but do not feel, calling you engineers From outside the border and all their sanctuaries and pleasures from outside the border, and calling you Baathism and betrayal with the occupier, and we and you will chant as our throats have both said, Baathists both, both America, and today they are rumored that you will bear arms and do not think you will do, you are not thirsty for blood.

In his statement, Sadr addressed the demonstrators by saying, “Free revolutionaries, reform enthusiasts, Iraq is not reformed in terms of spoiling, and to unite as one people and for one demand and one goal and one slogan and you do not disperse. Some people regretted the loss of enthusiasm in the hearts of the Arab peoples, the first of which is Lebanon. ”

He said: “O beloved Iraqi people .. If you want freedom from corruption, reform yourselves and then say your words and raise your voices .. God will not change what people until they change what they themselves, dear people, that your goods are captured by the corrupt and your security If you want to be free in your homeland, you have to get rid of corruption and spoilers, and do not hope that your government will try them and judge them so that history will testify to you. ”

Sadr said, “#fathers of corruption but .. #Iraq_Security_In your necks, do not waste it, and if you want to refrain from the revolution … You have another revolution through the ballot boxes with the hands of an honest international and without the participation of the current politicians, so you prevent them not to return to you corruption and loss, my friends The loud voice .. Believe you and believe their rumors, Daesh without their corruption and would not return and the Baath became in the dustbin of history and the occupier will not dare after seeing resistance brave and honest sectarians will not be able to go if they did not receive a listening ears and the doctrine will not need a corrupt three and religion can not be established only justice The parish and the secular will not exist But peace. ”

The leader of the Sadrist movement, “You Iraqis .. You are one people # Arad_Dignity #Arad_Rad_Reclamation # Arad_Rad_Change is a people whose army will be protected without militias and served by a government without corruption, judiciary without injustice, bias and law without harm, prejudice and institutions without patronage, loss and money without theft and dissolution. O people of Iraq, this is your fate and your decision, O army of Iraq, this is your people, what they are, and they do not occupy you, and direct your weapons against your sons and your brothers and you to fill their prisons, but the prisons of the corrupt and terrorism, and you should try the revolutionary and leave the corrupt and the unjust. ”

He added, “Then, my neighbors, let the people decide their fate. If the people decide, everyone should listen to the roaring voice. If the people are silent, then you must remain silent, then honest media. Do not submit and try to silence you. O judiciary, do not shed the wolf on its prey .. But the oppressed power over the oppressor .. The day of the oppressed is coming .. Inevitably, O rebels, be patient and wisdom, God with the patient. ”

Al-Sadr concluded his statement by saying, “Peace be upon those who followed the guidance #Salama_Iraq”.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiE3xmxZ4KHLaqjKpt-HO7vzWWKUA

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