Demonstrations of October 25 postponed to another date .. Protesters submit 5 conditions “impossible” known


Baghdad: Yassin Iraq

The coordination of peaceful youth demonstrations in Iraq issued on Thursday a statement announcing the postponement of the demonstrations scheduled to start on 25 October.

The coordination statement, received by Yass Iraq, said that ‘to the people of our great Iraqi people, to the free of our spare youth who refused to continue injustice and corruption under a chaotic system led by whales of corruption and gangs of looting and conspiracy, history has shown that the masses are stronger than the tyrants and that the people are Facebook Facebook logo Keep me logged in.

The statement added: ‘You started with your previous demonstrations, which started on 1/10/2019 and was a volcano of anger against the corrupt and greedy wealth of the country, and thus we are able to remove this system roosting in the chest of Iraq for a decade and a half.’

“But we decided the following: 1. Giving them a ‘thirty-day’ opportunity to make a constitutional amendment that includes the following: a. Merging the Prime Minister with Majoriya; b) electing the President directly by the people; c. Limiting the session of the Council of Representatives to two sessions only retroactively; The power to choose conservatives to the President of the Republic, e – the trial of corrupt through the media and retrieve what they stole from the wealth of the people ‘.

In a second point of the statement, the coordination, said that ‘in the absence of response to the demands above, the date of major demonstrations on 22/11/2019 corresponding to Friday’.

It wishes to clarify the platform “Yes Iraq” that this statement is anonymous and was issued in the name of the youth coordination and did not include the name of the president or members of this coordination and the platform has not yet been able to access the source of this statement, which I received from an anonymous email and tried to follow up the issuance of this statement and did not find.

The platform noted the issuance of statements by anonymous since October 1, without the name, signature or knowledge of the body behind these organizations, which raises doubts of the attempt by some to send and circulate these written data and exploit the speed of social means to spread.تظاهرات-25-تشرينالاولتتأجلالىموعداخ/


Urgent source in the Cabinet Secretariat reveals the truth of Sunday holiday

Release date:: 2019/10/17 22:32

A source in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers revealed the fact of a holiday on Sunday.

The source told (Euphrates News) that “there is no disruption to the official working hours on Sunday and what has been published about the existence of an inaccurate holiday.” is over

A deal to get Britain out of the EU

Date: Edit: 2019/10/17 18:34

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “great” agreement with the European Union on Brexit and urged lawmakers to approve it early next week.

“We have reached a great new agreement that takes back control,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. He added: “Now the parliament on Saturday should complete the issue of exit from the European Union so that we can move to other priorities, such as the cost of living and national health services and violent crime and the environment.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Britain and the European Union had reached a new exit agreement. “When there is a will, there is an agreement, we have one! It is a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK, which is a sign of our commitment to finding solutions,” he said in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Details of the deal, praised by Johnson and who, since taking office on July 23, 2019, have sought European help in offering a new deal or amicably agreeing to emerge without agreement.

He also suspended parliament for two weeks, which was later canceled by the Supreme Court, a move his opponents saw as a time constraint on deputies to prevent them from introducing legislation aimed at preventing Britain from leaving the EU without an agreement.

In the morning of Thursday, October 17, 2019, the British Housing Minister Robert Jennick said that his country would leave the European Union on October 31 if no agreement was reached to exit with the bloc. is over

The Cabinet publishes the details of its decisions taken at the last meeting

Release date:: 2019/10/17 18:54

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Thursday the details of the decisions taken at the regular session last Tuesday.

The Secretariat said in a statement received (Euphrates News) a copy of it: “Approval of the recommendation of the Council of Ministers on the loan of the company GE and stated in the decision that, based on what was presented by the Minister of Electricity in an emergency during the meeting of the Council of Ministers and what is stated in the ministry’s book number: 51627 dated 12/9/2019 The Cabinet decided the following:

1- Approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (21 of 2019) as follows:

Authorization to the Ministry of Electricity for the authority of referral and signing of the contract with GE Company, for a period of 30 months plus 10 months for financial closure, for the implementation of 15 substations 132/33 KV and one substation 400 KV Expansion of one 400 KV substation, rehabilitation of three KV substations, installation and operation of 4 quick-installation 132/33 stations with overhead lines, ground and spare materials, at a total cost of $ 25/523/597/727. Seven hundred and twenty-seven million five hundred and ninety-seven thousand five hundred and twenty-three dollars and twenty-five cents, representing approximately (estimated cost + 9.8%), with the exception of the loan from the instructions for the implementation of contracts Komeh No. (2) for the year 2014, in terms of the provision of proportion (15%) of the value of the loan; the Ministry mentioned above to be able to proceed with the contracting procedures in respect of acquisition requirements before signing the contract.

2. Include the contract in question to the text stating that no legal obligation or financial compensation shall be incurred by either party in the event that the loan agreement cannot be signed even if the company fulfills its obligations under this contract.

The Cabinet approved the recommendations related to the Japanese loan projects

The Cabinet approved the recommendations of the consultative meeting (43) on the Japanese loan projects, and provided for the adoption of the recommendations of the said meeting as follows:

1 – Amend paragraph (2) of the Cabinet Resolution (184 of 2019) to read :

(loans, bonds and foreign – funded projects are exempt from all taxes and fees and customs according to the provisions contained in the loan agreements and product protection for the reset agreements signed loans are before issuing this decision).

In the future, loan agreements should include product protection law in project contracts financed by loans for materials and goods covered by product protection decisions.

2. Authorize the Ministry of Planning to approve the implementation of the recommendations issued to protect the product in accordance with the mechanism currently adopted.

Cabinet allocates 3 billion dinars to cover the 40th visit

The Council of Ministers approved the disbursement of 3 billion dinars to the holy province of Karbala for the purpose of covering the needs of the province in a visit to the Imam Hussein, “peace be upon him.”

According to the text of the resolution “the Ministry of Finance disbursed (3) three billion dinars to the holy province of Karbala from the amounts approved in the emergency reserve for the fiscal year 2019, as operational allocations,” for the purpose of covering the needs of the province in the service of visitors to perform the ritual visit to the shrine of Imam Hussein peace be upon him”.

A series of decisions of the Council of Ministers on meeting the demands of the demonstrators

The Council of Ministers made a series of additions and amendments on the paragraphs of the first and second packages of procedures and recommendations on meeting the demands of the demonstrators as follows.

The paragraphs emanating from the ordinary session of the Council of Ministers (39), held on 8/10/2019, provide for the following:

First: The formation of the High Committee for the distribution of residential land headed by the Prime Minister and the membership of each of the

following : 1 – Minister of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, member.

3 – Head of the Secretariat of the Higher Commission for Coordination between the provinces, member.

Director General of State Real Estate – Ministry of Finance, Member.

Director General of Military Survey – Ministry of Defense, Member.

Director General of Agricultural Lands, Ministry of Agriculture, Member.

7. A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office, member.

Director General of Real Estate Registration – Ministry of Justice, Member.

The committee shall be responsible for: Preparing the necessary agricultural lands to allocate the residential plot to the eligible citizens according to the decision No. (70) for the year 2019, and studying the expansion of the municipal boundaries and the required amortization, acquisition, and modification of the use of land and changing its sex for the purposes of the Committee’s work.

Second: Include in the draft budget law for 2020 the freezing of the laws and instructions in force that give the right to receive the person more than a salary, retirement or grant and the option of receiving one.

Third: The Ministry of Electricity shall distribute integrated solar energy systems to (3000) poor families free of charge and allocate a total amount (only, fifteen billion dinars).

Fourth: Providing a large number of job opportunities for unemployed youth according to the following:

1- The Ministry of Commerce should simplify the procedures of registering small companies for young people (for the age group 18-35 years) and exempting them from the wages created for the purpose of providing job opportunities for this category in the following works:

A- Cleaning companies (educational institutions, health institutions, and residential investment complexes).

Horticulture and gardening companies.

C- Contracting companies for secondary works.

Waste recycling plants.

Software companies.

And – and another.

2. Ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the Governorates shall be granted all the power of direct referral for works (restoration, maintenance, construction, expansion, addition, erection, operation, equipment, cleaning, transportation) which cost up to an amount of (only, five hundred million dinars), as well as projects. Which cost less than (1 billion dinars) to these companies or contractors of Iraqi youth who are not classified and an exception to the contracting methods stipulated in Article (3) of the Instructions for Execution of Government Contracts No. (2) of 2014 and the Instructions for Executing the Budget .

3. Companies that have government contracts from ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates shall refer part of their work up to an amount not exceeding (only five hundred million dinars) to unclassified contractors by contracting them in the form of (a nominated contract) with the employer or the contracting authority. To ensure the rights of the secondary contracting parties, the Ministry of Planning shall issue controls to facilitate and implement this subject and the subject mentioned in paragraph (IV / 2) above.

4. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shall take the necessary measures to provide mobile cars for the manufacture of ready-made food, refreshments, hot drinks and specialized cars such as (maintenance and cleaning cars of all kinds) for unemployed youth who are registered in its database and shall be financed either through:

a. At the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

(B) soft loans with nominal interest from the bankers: Rafidain and Rasheed for those not registered in the database of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

5. The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates shall simplify the procedures of granting them the license to practice the profession and organize their places of parking in the commercial areas.

6. This type of vehicle is exempt from customs duties.

Fifth: The Ministry of Electricity shall employ the unemployed youth of the age group (18 – 35) years to work as collectors of electricity wages and according to their areas of residence according to the bills issued by the Ministry mentioned above, through the operational forms and incentives (5%) of the value of the amounts collected daily on To be trained and given a daily wage of only (5,000 dinars) for the first three months from the date of commencement of training.

Sixth: Supporting vocational education and the distribution of agricultural lands in order to support vocational education and play its role in providing a skilled professional workforce qualified to establish small and medium private enterprises and providing job opportunities in the agricultural sector as follows:

1- Granting students of agricultural preparations monthly grant (only fifty) thousand dinars) during the school year 2019- 2020.

2. decoding Alaratbatin: administrative and financial schools for vocational education from the general directorates of education and re – Artbtha Directorate General of Vocational Education in the Ministry of Education.

Allow the investment of technical and vocational abilities of vocational education schools for productive and service purposes (as well as training purposes) and allocate a percentage of the proceeds of the products to students, teaching and training staff, to develop the school environment and market their products, with the development of independent accounting units therein to facilitate the work of those schools.

4. The Ministry of Agriculture allocates agricultural land with water share to graduates of agricultural preparations (as well as to graduates of agricultural colleges and veterinary institutes) to establish specialized cooperative cooperatives and investment of these lands, and covered by the law of agricultural sabbatical No. (24) of 2013.

5. The Ministry of Agriculture in coordination with Ministry of Water Resources Allocate agricultural land, including the desert with water share, to the full-time unemployed agricultural workers and others, and establish specialized cooperative societies to invest without fragmentation of large agricultural areas.

6. The Ministry of Agriculture shall reassess the contracted agricultural projects to the private sector, cancel the non-operating projects contracts and re-offer them as investment opportunities without fragmenting them, and provide a new vision to employ them in supporting the agricultural sector and the employment of labor.

7. The Ministry of Agriculture shall evaluate the contracted agricultural lands according to the Agrarian Reform Law No. (117) of 1970, the Agricultural Land Lease Law No. (35) of 1983 and other laws in force, and canceling the unused land contracts and re-leasing them to the unemployed full-time agricultural and veterinarians. And others.

8. The Ministry of Agriculture shall activate the Agricultural Credit Facilitation Fund and allocate the amounts recovered from the Agricultural Initiative Funds for the purpose of lending to the unemployed and to whom agricultural land has been allocated.

Seventh: The Ministry of Industry and Minerals shall train unemployed young graduates and others wishing to establish local products manufacturing projects within the expertise available in the factories and companies of the Ministry and allow them to exploit the unused productive halls in the factories and provide industrial services to them free of charge. From the for-profit projects fund or the youth employment initiative launched by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Eighth: The Council of Advisers at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to study the reduction of the retirement age of employees and provide a vision for the Council of Ministers within two weeks in order to replace them with unemployed youth.

Ninth: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other ministries and non-affiliated bodies shall launch the job grades resulting from the movement of owners assigned to holders of higher degrees for the purpose of providing job opportunities for them within two weeks in accordance with the stated controls, competence, need and transparent competition among applicants.

Tenth: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

1- Obligating universities and colleges to accommodate the appropriate numbers of graduates with the capacity available through the adoption of teaching staff (1) teacher: (25) students in the administrative and humanitarian disciplines, the ratio of 20: 1 In pure science disciplines 15: 1 in engineering disciplines and medical group.

2- Increasing the admission rate of vocational school graduates in technical institutes and colleges to 10%, starting from the academic year 2020-2021.

Eleventh: Improve municipal and environmental services and to encourage small industries used for waste recycling products; as follows:

1- The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates to contract with investors to establish treatment plants and recycling waste by modern methods.

2. The Ministry of Electricity shall purchase all electrical energy produced from waste treatment, if any, at encouraging prices.

Twelfth: Obligating ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and all governorates to cover their needs of local products, including those of the private sector, which have an added value of more than 20%.

Thirteenth: The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers shall form committees in the governorates to follow up the decisions of the Council of Ministers to meet the demands of the demonstrators to be chaired by one of the ministers. The Council of Ministers shall complete its work within a maximum period of three months.

The paragraphs emanating from the 40th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers held on 15/10/2019 read as follows:

1. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs database of job seekers shall be adopted to implement the provisions of the above-mentioned Council of Ministers resolutions.

2. The disbursement of an amount (only, five hundred and fifty billion dinars) of the amount allocated to the Social Protection Fund; for the purpose of implementing paragraphs (6, 9, 10, 11, 12) of the Council of Ministers resolution (340 of 2019); for the purpose of working as a social researcher to ensure Accuracy and speed of achievement.

3- Amending paragraph (17) of the Council of Ministers Resolution (340 of 2019) to read:

(The Social Protection Authority shall coordinate between them and the governorates for the purpose of covering (6000) families, in accordance with the provisions of the Social Protection Law No. (11) of 2014, provided that the Ministry of Finance do the following: (

a) adding a financial allocation in the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2020 to the Ministry of practical social Affairs for the purpose of the above – mentioned. (

b ) the granting of the Ministry of Labor and social Affairs validity of the contract with 1000 people through the inclusion of text in the draft general budget law Federal Financial Year 2020.

Providing administrative and logistical support to the teams of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to ensure rapid and accurate delivery.

(D) The poverty rate with the population percentage of the governorates specified by the Ministry of Planning shall be used to distribute the number of persons referred to above.

4. Providing the Municipality of Baghdad governorates to provide suitable plots of land to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; for the purpose of implementing paragraphs (9 and 12) of the Council of Ministers resolution (340 of 2019).

5.Add the membership of the Ministers of Defense (Oil and Oil), the Director General of the Department of Petroleum Exploration in the Ministry of Oil, and the Director General of the Military Housing Department at the Ministry of Defense to the membership of the Higher Committee for the Distribution of Residential Lands, which was established by the Council of Ministers Resolution (341 of 2019).

6. Authorize the Director General of the Agricultural Land Department in the Ministry of Agriculture (a member of the High Committee for the distribution of residential land mentioned in paragraph (5) above) to raise the hand of agrarian reform after sending an integrated report from the Agricultural Committee in each governorate in favor of raising the hand of agrarian reform and address contracts and obligations. is over

Reuters reveals how Iran intervened in the field to break up the demonstrations in Iraq

Last Updated: Thursday , 17 October 2019 KSA 15:57 – GMT 12:57

Tark Published: Thursday , 17 October 2019 KSA 15:17 – GMT 12:17

Source: London – Reuters

Of demonstrations that broke out in Baghdad in the first week of

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iranian-backed factions have deployed snipers on rooftops in Baghdad during the bloodiest anti-government protests in years , two Iraqi security officials told Reuters .

The unprecedented measure highlights the chaotic situation in Iraq amid mass protests that killed more than 100 people and wounded 6,000 during the week of October 1.

These factions have become a constant element in the Iraqi security landscape as Iranian influence grows in the country. Sometimes they operate in conjunction with Iraqi security forces but maintain their own command structures.

Snipers received orders from their platoon leaders

The security sources told Reuters that the leaders of factions allied to Iran decided on their own to participate in quelling the popular protests against the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, whose administration has been in power since taking office a year ago with the support of powerful armed groups supported by Iran and political factions. .

One security source said: “We have firm evidence that the snipers were elements of armed groups and who are taking orders from their commanders instead of the commander in chief of the armed forces.” “They belong to a faction very close to Iran.”

Another Iraqi security source attending daily meetings to brief the government on the security situation said black-clad men shot at protesters on the third day of unrest, in which the death toll rose from about six to more than 50.

The second source added that these fighters were led by Abu Zainab al-Lami, head of the Popular Mobilization Security backed by Iran. The source said that the leader of the crowd was tasked to quell the protests by a group of other senior leaders of armed factions. The sources did not say how many snipers were deployed by the armed factions.

Crowd denies .. Baghdad will check

Ahmad al-Asadi, a spokesman for the Hashd, denied the factions were involved in quelling the protests.

Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan said security forces had not fired directly at the protesters and accused elements he described as “malicious” of being responsible for many deaths and injuries.

Maan told a news conference on October 6 that the government had opened an investigation to determine who had fired at the protesters and who had ordered him.

However, on October 7, the Iraqi government returned and acknowledged the use of excessive force by security forces and pledged to hold those responsible for violence against civilians to account.

In a related context, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement to “Reuters” on Wednesday that it would be “premature to blame any of the parties, whether from the crowd or other members of the security services before the completion of the investigation. By shooting. ”

Iran’s role in responding to the demonstrations was another reminder of its influence in Iraq, where a number of former faction leaders have become members of parliament supporting Iranian approaches.

The stability of the Iraqi government is in the interest of Iran, whose influence in Iraq has grown since 2003 when the US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, Tehran’s worst enemy. Iran has become Iraq’s largest trading partner.

As the protests entered their third day on October 3, snipers appeared on rooftops in Baghdad. A Reuters cameraman covering the unrest near Baghdad’s Tahrir Square that afternoon said he saw a sniper on the roof of an under construction building overlooking the demonstrations.

Protesters rushed to survive when the gunman opened fire. Protesters took a protester shot in the head away from a crowd. A second protester also appeared to have died in the head and was taken on a truck.

The second security source told “Reuters” that the snipers are using radio communication equipment provided by Iran and difficult to track, giving the factions of their own network in the first place.

A senior diplomat in the region familiar with Iran’s decision-making said a group of senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders traveled to Iraq on the second day of protests and met Iraqi intelligence and security officials.

Senior IRGC officers with experience in containing civil unrest continued after the meeting to advise the Iraqi government, but no Iranian soldiers were deployed on the ground, the diplomat said.

Close contact between Iran and the demonstrators

On Thursday morning, a security force arrested activist and blogger Shuja Al-Khafaji, the founder of the Clean …

Security force arrests a blogger and confiscates his personal phone for unknown reasons Iraq

A senior leader of an Iranian-backed faction said Tehran had been in close contact with forces trying to break up the protests, but stressed that his faction had not been involved in efforts to stop the protests or the resulting violence.

The commander told “Reuters”: “Two days later, they intervened and provided the government and armed groups with intelligence.”

He added: “Iranian advisers insisted on their role and warned us that the continued demonstrations, if not controlled, it would undermine the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi.”

Protests in Iraq began on October 1 amid public anger over chronic crises over lack of jobs, electricity and drinking water. Iraqis hold politicians and officials responsible for widespread corruption that has prevented Iraq from recovering after years of sectarian violence and the fight against ISIS.

Any power vacuum may be difficult for the region because Baghdad is an ally of the United States and Iran. Thousands of US troops are stationed in Iraq not far from those of the Iranian-backed PMU.

The investigative committees on the events will return to Baghdad and will report back at this time

History of edits:: 2019/10/17 15:24

Planning Minister and Chairman of the Higher Ministerial Committee to Investigate the Events of the demonstrations Nuri al-Dulaimi, on Thursday, on the completion of the sub-investigative committees in the provinces, and return to Baghdad.

Dulaimi, according to the statement of the Commission of Inquiry, which received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “the provinces where the committees have completed their functions, are (Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Diwaniya,, Maysan, Wasit),” pointing out that “investigative committees in the provinces of Najaf Babylon and the capital Baghdad will report on Friday. ”

He explained that “the investigative committees in the governorates, reviewed the important reasons and details, and listened to testimonies made by those concerned, including wounded and wounded civilians and security forces,” stressing “the participation of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council and the High Commission for Human Rights, in the work of those committees, as well as On the invitation of the media to cover the proceedings of meetings and investigations that took place in the provinces, stressing that “the Supreme Committee, will be informed of the results of the work of the committees, and take the necessary actions and recommendations.” is over

Abdul Mahdi will resign before the protests on October 25

17-10-2019 02:49 PM

Orbit Agency –


Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will resign formally before October 25, the Independent newspaper reported on Thursday, citing the faction’s Fatah and other allies abandoning it if it is the price to calm demonstrations and popular anger.

The newspaper, in a report citing its informed sources, said that Abdul-Mahdi is considering resigning, ahead of the date set by activists to launch a new wave of demonstrations, which is the twenty-fifth of this month, after the bloody earlier this month, in response to the proposal of political parties, found in these Step to calm the street.

She adds, according to sources, that Abdul-Mahdi deliberated last week in his decision to resign, with representatives of the blocs ‘Sairon’ and ‘Fatah’ parliamentary nominations, but he heard an explicit rejection of this step at the time, noting that the situation has now changed, with the insistence of activists on New demonstrations will be held in a few days, perhaps demanding the overthrow of the entire political system.

According to the report, according to those sources, the representatives of other parties and Fatah may abandon the plan to stick to Abdul-Mahdi, if his resignation from the post of prime minister, enough to calm the demonstrators, stressing that the subject of resignation this time ‘very serious’, especially after the name The Iraqi prime minister launched a bloody crackdown on protesters earlier this month, killing and wounding thousands.

The paper also revealed that Abdul-Mahdi has no political supporters at this stage, according to sources, which shows that the option to continue and resign now equal to Abdul-Mahdi, who now has the sole determination of his fate.