The Iraqi government is spending between 10 and 5 million dinars in blood money – chapter – victims of the protests


 2019/10/13 11:00:08
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The Iraqi government has granted financial compensation to the families of the victims of the recent protests, in addition to ensuring the treatment of the wounded more than six hundred and fifty demonstrators and a security element.
According to the newspaper “New Arab”, the government committees in southern Iraq and Baghdad, began to pay cash checks to the families of the victims worth 10 million dinars, equivalent to about 8 thousand US dollars, in addition to compensation for the wounded amounting to 5 million Iraqi dinars, stressing that some of the families of the victims They refused to receive it.
This comes with the escalation of calls for the resumption of demonstrations calling for reform and the elimination of corruption and address poverty and unemployment, which reached record levels in all cities of the country, despite the recording of this year a new explosive budget exceeded $ 114 billion, after the end of the visit of the forties in Karbala, which is intended for millions of visitors From different countries the city to commemorate the Iraqi authorities and mobilize their security services and service by the way.
According to an Iraqi official at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, government gifts to the families of the victims were distributed in (neighborhoods) Nasiriyah, Sadr and Diwaniya, revealing that “a section of the victims refused to receive representatives of the Council of Ministers in solace and refused to receive the check amounting to 10 million Dinar”.
He stressed that the treatment of the wounded is sponsored by the state, in addition to financial compensation of 5 million dinars has not yet been disbursed to anyone so far.
So far, Iraqi security forces have been tightening security in popular and impoverished areas of Baghdad, sparking the start of the protests, or most of them from such areas as municipalities, Zaafaraniya, Shaab, Ur neighborhood, Husayniyah, Shula, Sadr City, Fadl, Arab and Batawin.


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