In pictures .. The holy military threshold is witnessing the arrival of millions of visitors

Release date:: 2019/10/13 18:15 
Since the first day of the month of Safar Al-Muzaffar, millions of pilgrims came from inside and outside Iraq to renew the covenant and loyalty to his age and time (hastily Farajah Sharif) on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), amid Distinctive security measures and services blessed by the divisions of the Holy Threshold with direct contact with visitors and service processions along the way to the Holy Shrine.
A statement of the threshold, received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “the Secretary General of the threshold Star Morshedi instructed all sections to provide all services to the distinguished visitors, where the departments concerned mobilized their cadres to provide distinctive service.”
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The Department of Hospitality announced the distribution of more than one million and 200 thousand meals during the first ten of the month of zero, and continues to distribute meals by three meals a day and late at night, also provided more than 5 outlets for the distribution of meals, tea and drinking water, and coordination With the processions to provide the outlets through service processions that provide a variety of services between meals and drinking water, tea and places of rest.
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The services section announced the mobilization of all service staff, whose tasks varied according to the plan, which included the preparation of places of distribution of drinking water, safety, and distribution of blankets and the allocation of visitors’ rest places and the preparation of umbrellas and places of prayer, and the distribution of duties for health service cadres and garbage and emergency cadres, and the presence of voluntary bodies Support to provide its services during the momentum of the million visitors.
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The Law Enforcement Section assured the provision of safe routes for visitors to the Holy Shrine in coordination with the Samarra Operations Command and the relevant security authorities, and the provision of the section cadres at fixed checkpoints and inspection of bags and surveillance cameras and field supervision to promote visitors, while the Department of Women’s Affairs prepared a plan for women, which includes the preparation Corridors search women and bags and equip the roads leading to the shrine and the Imam Hadi Gallery (peace be upon him).
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The medical center also revealed the provision of medical cadres from inside and outside Iraq participated in providing medical services to visitors, while coordination with Mohammed Al Majid Hospital and Samarra General Hospital for emergencies, and provide immediate ambulances and necessary medical supplies.
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The Department of Religious Affairs announced that it offered several religious programs for the distinguished visitors, ranging from the informational project and the read-right project and the daily prayers in several places of the Holy Shrine, as well as the establishment of Husseini councils in the purgatory military courtyard. Column 208 Najaf Karbala road for visitors to Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) during the days of the forty visit
It is noteworthy that the holy military threshold has mobilized all its departments concerned with the service of visitors, since the month of Muharram and is still continuing its plan for the month of Safar Al-Mudhaffar, where it is witnessing the arrival of two million visitors from various nationalities and countries, while concerned with the continuation of the flock of visitors to the holy shrine to coincide with the anniversary of the forty visit And the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and subsequent occasions.

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