Karbouli calls for urging US investment companies to work in Iraq and provide jobs for his youth

12-10-2019 06:44 PM


Orbit Agency –


Anbar MP Mohammed al-Karbouli called on Saturday to urge US investment companies to work in Iraq and provide job opportunities for its youth.

A statement of the Office of the Attorney, received ‘orbit’, that ‘Karbouli and a member of the Alliance of Forces, a member of the Legal Committee MP Younis Qasim Shaghati, they met, the US ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller and the delegation accompanying him’. 

The statement added that ‘Karbouli reviewed during the meeting the latest developments on the Iraqi arena and the efforts of the House of Representatives to ensure the implementation of the demands of peaceful demonstrators through follow-up and the commitment of the government to implement the required reforms package Decent decent housing and do programs of voluntary voluntary return of the displaced and ensure the disclosure of the fate of the disappeared and forcibly disappeared and compensation for their families’. .

He added that the Karbouli MP, valued the US position in support of Iraq in the war against terrorism, stressing the importance of the United States to play a role in protecting Iraq’s borders from the conflict of interests of neighboring countries and its negative repercussions on Iraq. 

Al-Karbouli called, according to the statement, the need for the United States to strengthen its economic relations by urging its investment companies to work in Iraq and provide employment opportunities for its youth and employ its energies positively ‘and reflected on the future of Iraq and closer cooperation between the two countries.


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