Finance Committee: Budget 2020 will see the launch of a large number of grades

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confirmed that the Finance Committee deputy member of the private al – Dulaimi said on Saturday that the next fiscal year will see the launch of a large number of grades resulting from the deletion and development operations and other degrees after passing the 2020 budget by the House of Representatives.

Al-Dulaimi told Mawazine News that the 2020 budget will allow graduates to take their role by appointing them in the government sector and in a variety of specializations.

She added, “The Finance Committee will launch degrees of deletion and development in the next few days at the provincial level to compensate them with a greater number of graduates and unemployed.”

Dulaimi pointed out that ”

Babel is not officially open next Tuesday on the occasion of the Arbain

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The provincial council of Babylon announced on Saturday the suspension of official working hours next Tuesday on the occasion of Arbain.

“The official working hours will be suspended from Tuesday 1/15 on the occasion of the 40th visit of Imam Hussein (P),” the council said in a statement received.

It is noteworthy that the number of visitors began to increase towards Karbala and recorded the threshold of Husseiniya more than 11 thousand service processions in Karbala.

Parliamentary Finance: Delegations from the region arrived in Baghdad to pressure the government to pass the 2020 budget

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Finance Committee confirmed on Saturday that the Kurdistan Regional Government sent several delegations to the federal government to pressure them to pass the share of the region within the draft federal budget law for 2020.

Committee member Siham Al-Aqili said in a statement followed by “Obelisk,” that the government of Erbil sent high-level delegations continuously during the last period to pressure the federal government to pass the share of the region within the draft federal budget for 2020, pointing out that “the House of Representatives Egypt not to pass The region’s share in the 2020 budget until he received oil money.

She added that “Arbil has not delivered the federal government oil money since the beginning of this year so far,” noting that “Arbelha funds for the full year and it is not possible to pass its share in the budget next year without paying the debt owed.”

She explained that “the government of Arbil is trying to convince the federal government to spend its share through the delegations that send them continuously.”

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Joint operations announce the end of the investigation into the targeting of demonstrators within 7 days



Saturday 12 October 2019 10:41 AM

Baghdad / … Joint Operations Command, announced on Saturday, members of the Commission of Inquiry into the incidents of targeting demonstrators.

The leadership said in a statement received “Eye of Iraq News,” that “under the guidance and supervision of the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to form a higher committee headed by the Minister of Planning and the membership of ministers (Justice, Health, Interior, Defense) and deputy commander of joint operations and representatives of (Supreme Judicial Council, The Council of Representatives, the Commission on Human Rights, the security and intelligence services) to fully investigate the incidents that occurred during the demonstrations and led to the death and injury of a large number of demonstrators and members of the security forces and abuses that got public and private property and storming the headquarters of media channels, parties and statement S or people involved these events and take legal action against them that the Committee completes its work during 7 days


Karbouli calls for urging US investment companies to work in Iraq and provide jobs for his youth

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Anbar MP Mohammed al-Karbouli called on Saturday to urge US investment companies to work in Iraq and provide job opportunities for its youth.

A statement of the Office of the Attorney, received ‘orbit’, that ‘Karbouli and a member of the Alliance of Forces, a member of the Legal Committee MP Younis Qasim Shaghati, they met, the US ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller and the delegation accompanying him’. 

The statement added that ‘Karbouli reviewed during the meeting the latest developments on the Iraqi arena and the efforts of the House of Representatives to ensure the implementation of the demands of peaceful demonstrators through follow-up and the commitment of the government to implement the required reforms package Decent decent housing and do programs of voluntary voluntary return of the displaced and ensure the disclosure of the fate of the disappeared and forcibly disappeared and compensation for their families’. .

He added that the Karbouli MP, valued the US position in support of Iraq in the war against terrorism, stressing the importance of the United States to play a role in protecting Iraq’s borders from the conflict of interests of neighboring countries and its negative repercussions on Iraq. 

Al-Karbouli called, according to the statement, the need for the United States to strengthen its economic relations by urging its investment companies to work in Iraq and provide employment opportunities for its youth and employ its energies positively ‘and reflected on the future of Iraq and closer cooperation between the two countries.

Iraq is on the verge of a major event involving Egypt and Jordan in early December

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Baghdad hosts the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the Arab Bridge Joint Company in conjunction with the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee to the anniversary of the establishment of Iraqi ports early December.

A statement of the Ministry of Transport, received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “Iraq will host the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the Arab Bridge for Navigation in the province of Basra Fayha early December this year, in the presence of transport ministers (Iraq, Jordan, Egypt) on the proposal Presented during the participation of Iraq in the current meetings in Amman. ”

Calls for a large demonstration in all provinces on Friday 25 October

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Demonstrators in Baghdad and the provinces plan to hold a large demonstration on Friday, 25 October, to continue to demand legitimate rights, fight corruption and hold accountable spoilers.

Issued activists important points for these demonstrations , including
1 – raising images of Imam Hussein , peace be upon him , and the banner of Ya Hussein , being a symbol of the revolution
2. raise the Iraqi flag
3. Each graduate wearing the uniform of his profession
4. Each craftsman wearing the uniform of his craft
5. Our demands raised means media formerly the first of toppling the government
6. There are no leadership for the demonstrations is the leader of the people are the same
7- present the absent knows the date of demonstrations
8. all the provinces in their regions … and all areas of Baghdad , heading to Tahrir Square on 25/10
9. repeat our demands , we announced the first of previously reported claim the homeland
10. is not allowed for any point of partisan or political revolution ride
11. taking caution and caution and follow Olaimat safety of tear bombs and firing live and other instructions that we’ve noted previously reported.

Kurdish delegation renews Baghdad-Erbil negotiations on budget and oil delivery

A Kurdish delegation visited Baghdad earlier

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

A member of the Kurdistan Parliament of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Rebwar Babkai, Saturday (October 12, 2019) resumed negotiations and dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil after being stopped due to recent demonstrations.

Babkai said in an interview (Baghdad today), that “the postponement of the visit of a delegation headed by the Minister of Territory, Khalid Shwani to Baghdad last week, because of the events of recent demonstrations” in Baghdad and a number of other provinces.

He added, “It will resume the mutual visit between the parties, there is a delegation from the Government of the Territory will visit Baghdad in the coming days to discuss issues of budget and the delivery of oil and the participation of the people of the disputed areas in the upcoming elections.”

He pointed out that “another delegation representing deputies from the Finance Committee and the Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives will visit Erbil to hold a series of meetings with the competent authorities in preparation for resolving the outstanding issues, especially the issue of budget and oil.”

The angry demonstrations started in Baghdad and a number of provinces, in early October, led to more than a hundred dead, and 6,000 wounded, during which tight security measures were taken, including a curfew in Baghdad, Dhi Qar, and Diwaniyah, demanding the provision of Jobs, services, and the elimination of corruption.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhimwzQEUL0LN3lV90X7JMOa0iTy2A