Crisis at the United Nations .. its financial reserves may run out before the end of this month

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Baghdad today

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that the world body is running a $ 230 million deficit and that its financial reserves could be exhausted before the end of October.

Guterres stressed the possibility of postponing conferences and meetings, and reducing a number of services, with official travel limited to essential activities only, and measures to save energy, in order to reduce expenses during the fourth quarter of this year.

Commenting on these monetary problems, Guterres said: “ So far, Member States have paid only 70% of the total amount needed for activities included in the regular budget for 2019. ”

“It was written to Member States on 4 October to explain to them that regular budget activities are at a critical stage,” he said.

In his letter, Guterres stated that “Member States are responsible for the financial situation of the Organization,” referring to countries that do not pay their contributions or are in arrears.

The UN Secretariat employs some 37,000 people.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhibK6I8q0UFntVuuWg_P_Dze8In1A


Postponement of the visit of the delegation of the Government of Kurdistan to Baghdad until further noticen

Kurdish delegation sent to Baghdad earlier

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Idris Shaaban confirmed the cancellation of the visit of a Kurdish delegation that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday (October 8, 2019) to Baghdad.

Shaaban said in an interview (Baghdad today), “The visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by the Minister of the region, Khalid Shwani has been canceled because of recent events and demonstrations in Baghdad.”

He added, “The visit, which was scheduled to complete discussions of oil and budget, will be postponed for further notice because of the concern of the government and parliament demonstrations and results.”

In the past seven days, the capital Baghdad, along with other provinces, witnessed popular demonstrations against the deterioration of services and the spread of unemployment and corruption, including violence that led to the deaths of more than 100 demonstrators and a security element and the injury of thousands, while the three presidencies launched initiatives and promises to respond to the demands of the demonstrators.

Some areas of the capital are still witnessing heavy security, especially in roads and intersections, especially those cut during the demonstrations, while the authorities reopened the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and the Internet service was restored.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhibK6I8q0UFntVuuWg_P_Dze8In1A

Pompeo urges Iraqi prime minister to address protesters’ complaints



US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to “exercise maximum restraint … and address complaints from protesters,” the State Department said.

“The minister regretted the tragic loss of life over the past few days and urged the Iraqi government to exercise maximum restraint,” the ministry said in a statement issued on Tuesday after more than 100 people were killed in recent demonstrations.

Pompeo urged Abdel Mahdi “to take immediate steps to address protesters’ complaints by working on reform and addressing corruption,” she said.

Pompeo and Abdul-Mahdi spoke “recently”, the statement said.



After the arrival of about half a billion dinars .. Kurdistan distributes salaries to employees and employees of the Peshmerga

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday (October 8, 2019) began distributing the salaries of employees and peshmerga within the region.

A government source in the region, in an interview (Baghdad today), that “because of recent events and curfew, has been delayed the allocation of funds from Baghdad to the region and therefore delayed the Ministry of Finance for the distribution, which was supposed to take place last Sunday.”

He added, “The Ministry of Finance yesterday sent an amount of 454 billion dinars and deposited in the accounts of the Central Bank of Erbil branch and the government of the province today began distribution and the Ministry of Peshmerga first ministries received salaries.”

In the past seven days, the capital Baghdad, along with other provinces, witnessed popular demonstrations against the deterioration of services and the spread of unemployment and corruption, including violence that led to the deaths of more than 100 demonstrators and a security element and the injury of thousands, while the three presidencies launched initiatives and promises to respond to the demands of the demonstrators.

Some areas of the capital are still witnessing heavy security, especially in roads and intersections, especially those cut during the demonstrations, while the authorities reopened the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and the Internet service was restored.

The federal government in Baghdad imposed a two-day curfew before it was lifted and declared “life is back to normal.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhibK6I8q0UFntVuuWg_P_Dze8In1A

The Iraqi government issues a second package of resolutions to meet the demands of the demonstrators

Politics of

the Iraqi Council of Ministers

Adel Abdul Mahdi

demonstrations in Iraq

2019/10/08 12:08:32

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The Council of Ministers issued at its meeting held on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the second package of urgent measures of the Council of Ministers in meeting the demands of the demonstrators.

Firstly. Formation of the High Committee for the distribution of residential land under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and membership of:

1 Minister of Construction and Housing as Vice-Chairman of the Committee

2 Secretary General of the Council of Ministers member

3 Head of the Secretariat of the Higher Commission for Coordination between the provinces member

4 Director General of State Real Estate Member

5 Director General of Military Survey – Ministry of Defense Member

6 Director General of Agricultural Lands – Ministry of Agriculture Member

7 A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office as a member

8 General Manager of Real Estate Registration Member

The Committee shall:

1 Preparing the agricultural lands necessary for the allocation of the housing plot to eligible citizens according to the decision No. (70) of 2019.

2 Study the expansion of municipal boundaries and the requirements of extinguishing, expropriating and modifying the use of land and changing its sex for the purposes of the committee’s work.

Second . Include in the draft budget law for 2020 the freezing of the laws and instructions in force that give the right to receive the person more than a salary, retirement or grant and the option of receiving one.

Third. The Ministry of Electricity shall distribute integrated solar energy systems to 3000 poor families free of charge and allocating a total of (15) billion dinars.

Fourthly. For the purpose of providing a large number of job opportunities for unemployed youth decides:

1 The Ministry of Commerce simplifies the procedures for registering small companies for young people (for the age group 18-35 years) and exempting them from the wages created for the purpose of providing job opportunities for this category in the following works:

Cleaning companies (educational institutions, health institutions, residential investment complexes)

B- Horticulture and gardening companies.

C- Contracting companies for secondary works.

Waste recycling plants.

Software companies.


2 Ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the Governorates are granted the authority to directly refer works (repair, maintenance, construction, expansion and addition, erection, operation, equipment, cleaning, transportation), which cost up to 500 million dinars, as well as projects that cost less than one billion dinars to these companies. Or contractors of Iraqi youth who are not classified and with the exception of the contracting methods stipulated in Article (3) of the Instructions for the Execution of Government Contracts No. (2) of 2014 and the Instructions for Execution of the Budget in Force on Time.

3 Companies that have government contracts from ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates shall refer part of their business, not exceeding (500) million dinars, to contractors that are not classified by contracting them in the form of (a nominated contract) with the employer or the contracting authority to guarantee the rights of the secondary contracting parties. The Ministry of Planning shall issue controls to facilitate and implement this issue mentioned above in paragraph (4).

4 The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shall take the necessary measures to provide mobile vehicles for the manufacture of ready-to-eat foods, refreshments, hot beverages and specialized vehicles (such as maintenance and cleaning cars of all kinds) for unemployed youth who are registered in their database and are funded either through:

A- Non-Profit Loans Fund at the Ministry of Labor

Or (b) soft loans with nominal interest from the Rafidain and Rashid banks for those not registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs database.

5 The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates shall simplify the procedures of granting them the license to practice the profession and organize their places in the commercial areas.

6 This type of vehicle is exempt from customs duties.

V. The Ministry of Electricity shall employ the unemployed youth of the age group (18-35) years to work as collectors for electricity wages and according to their areas of residence according to the bills issued by the Ministry, through the operational forms and incentives at 5% of the value of the amounts collected daily to be trained and given work Daily 5,000 dinars for the first three months from the start of training.

Sixthly. Supporting vocational education and the distribution of agricultural land: In order to support vocational education and play its role in providing a skilled professional workforce qualified to establish small and medium-sized private enterprises and provide employment in the agricultural sector,

1 Granting students of agricultural preparations a monthly grant of fifty thousand dinars during the school year and from 2019-2020.

2 Administrative and financial disengagement of vocational education schools from the general directorates of education and re-association with the general directorate of vocational education in the ministry of education.

3 Allow the investment of technical and vocational abilities of vocational education schools for productive and service purposes (as well as training purposes) and allocate a percentage of the proceeds of products to students and teaching and training staff, to develop the school environment and market their products, with the development of independent accounting units therein to facilitate the work of these schools.

4 The Ministry of Agriculture allocates agricultural land with water share to graduates of agricultural preparatory (as well as graduates of colleges and agricultural and veterinary institutes) to establish specialized cooperative societies and investment of these lands, and covered by the law devoted to agricultural full-time No. 24 of 2013.

5 The Ministry of Agriculture, in coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources, allocates agricultural land, including deserts, for the unemployed agricultural full-time and others, and establish specialized cooperative societies to invest without fragmentation of large agricultural areas.

6 The Ministry of Agriculture shall reassess the contracted agricultural projects to the private sector, cancel the non-operating projects contracts and re-offer them as investment opportunities without fragmenting them, and provide a new vision to employ them in supporting the agricultural sector and the employment of labor.

7 The Ministry of Agriculture shall evaluate the contracted agricultural lands according to the land reform law No. (117) for the year 1970, and the law of lease of agricultural lands No. (35) for the year 1983 and other laws in force, and cancel the contracts of unused land and re-lease it to the unemployed agricultural and veterinarians and others.

8 The Ministry of Agriculture shall activate the Agricultural Credit Facilitation Fund and allocate the recoveries from the Agricultural Initiative Funds for the purpose of lending to the unemployed and those who have been allocated agricultural land.

VII. The Ministry of Industry and Minerals shall train unemployed young graduates and others who wish to establish local products manufacturing projects within the expertise available in the factories and companies of the Ministry and allow them to exploit the unused productive halls in the factories and provide industrial services to them free of charge. Profitable projects or the Youth Employment Initiative launched by the Central Bank.

VIII. The Council of Advisers at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to study the reduction of the retirement age of employees and provide a vision for the Council of Ministers within two weeks in order to replace them with unemployed youth.

IX. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other ministries and non-affiliated bodies shall launch the job grades resulting from the movement of owners assigned to holders of higher degrees for the purpose of providing job opportunities for them within two weeks in accordance with the stated controls, competence, need and transparent competition between applicants and within two weeks.

Tenth. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

a. Obliging universities and colleges to accommodate appropriate numbers of graduate holders according to the available capacity through the adoption of teaching staff by (1) teacher: (25) students in the administrative and humanitarian disciplines, the ratio of 1:20 in the disciplines of pure sciences, and the ratio of 1:15 in the disciplines Engineering & Medical Group.

B. Increase the admission rate of vocational school graduates in technical institutes and colleges to 10%, starting from the academic year 2020-2021

eleven. In order to improve municipal and environmental services and to encourage small-scale industries used for waste recycling products,

1 The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates shall undertake the procedures of contracting with investors to establish waste treatment and recycling plants using modern methods.

2 The Ministry of Electricity shall purchase all electrical energy produced from waste treatment, if any, at encouraging prices.

twelfth. Requiring ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates to cover their needs of local products, including private sector products that have an added value of more than 20%.

thirteen. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers shall form committees in the governorates to follow up the decisions of the Council of Ministers to meet the demands of the demonstrators. The Ministers shall complete their work within a maximum period of three months.

Trump: We have not abandoned the Kurds in any way

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US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he had not given up the Kurds in Syria “in any way.”

Trump wrote in a series of tweets on his Twitter account: “We may be about to leave Syria, but we have in no way abandoned the Kurds, and they are special people and wonderful fighters.”

The US president reiterated his threat to Ankara, saying “any unnecessary fighting by Turkey would be devastating for their economy and their very fragile currency. We are helping the Kurds financially / with weapons!”

Turkey’s defense ministry said Tuesday it was “completing” preparations for a military operation in northern Syria, amid conflicting signals from the United States over whether Trump would allow the attack.

The US president ordered US soldiers to withdraw from the border area between Turkey and Syria after a telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Opponents saw Trump’s move abandoning the Kurdish forces, which were a key ally of Washington in its battle against ISIS.

The Turkish president has repeatedly threatened an attack on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria because of their relationship with separatists in his country.

But Trump also adjusted his stance on Monday, under pressure from international condemnation and criticism inside his Republican camp.

Ankara is demanding a “safe area” on the border with northern Syria, separating Kurdish rebel-held areas from the Turkish border and allowing the return of nearly two million Syrian refugees.

Ankara has in the past carried out two operations in Syria, the first against ISIS in 2016 and the second against the YPG in 2018, supported by armed factions affiliated with the Syrian opposition.

Parliamentary Service Committee: Cabinet will vote today on the decisions of Parliament

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(Baghdad: Euphrates News) A member of the parliamentary service committee formed in connection with the demonstrations Ahmed al-Asadi, that the decisions voted by parliament will be voted today by the Council of Ministers.

Asadi said in a press statement, “The package of reforms voted by parliament today will be voted by the Council of Ministers in today’s meeting.” is over

Parliament votes on the recommendations of the demands of the demonstrators and the abolition of the offices of general inspectors {expanded}

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BAGHDAD: The House of Representatives voted in its eighth session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fourth parliamentary session, which was held under the chairmanship of Mohammed Halbousi, Speaker of the Council and the presence of 212 deputies, on Tuesday 8/10 / 2019, on the recommendations of the parliamentary committee on the demands of demonstrators and the abolition of the offices of general inspectors.

“At the outset of the session, al-Halbousi pointed out that the difficult days passed on Iraq, the blood flowing and the lives of our protesters and security forces who were wounded in the course of events, put a great responsibility on us,” said the statement of the council’s information department. “Everybody is in front of a real crossroads, either to be with our people or to be in the ditch of self and position. “.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives that “all options presented in today’s meeting is open to you in order to redress your people and restore their constitutional and legal right to live decent and all freedoms and rights in full without a shortage,” noting that “the time of the meeting is open until the completion of all discussions and take decisions that would Be at the level of the event and the size of the sacrifices and do not put a ceiling on the proposals for appropriate treatments, even if they are very harsh.

Later, the MPs recited Surat Al-Fatiha to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

Al-Halbousi pointed to the series of meetings held with the presidencies during the past days to discuss the demands of the demonstrators, which represent rights delayed to meet, pointing out that the House of Representatives will submit the first package of measures that come to meet the demands that the second package to implement the demands soon, pointing out that reform represents This is a measure and behavior that the legislative and executive authorities will apply, not a reaction to the demonstrations.

The Council voted to proceed with the legislative procedures of amending the law that allowed the work of the provincial councils until the first of March or amendment Article 20 of the law of provincial councils not organized in a region.

The Council then hosted Mr. Bassem Al-Rubaie, Minister of Labor and Mr. Mohammed Al-Ani, Minister of Commerce, to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and the measures taken.

The Council voted on the recommendations of the Committee formed in the House of Representatives to consider the demands of the demonstrators, which include considering the victims of the demonstrations of civilians and security forces martyrs and compensation and follow-up investigative procedures to find out the circumstances and events that affected the demonstrations and the immediate release of detainees who did not violate the public property and the launch of a grant to the program for the rehabilitation of the unemployed This year is financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. A development fund for the employment of students and the unemployed will be established in the federal budget for 2020. It will be financed from deductions for higher grades salaries, which specify Law and the coverage of families with no fixed income and living below the poverty line with a monthly salary, and this is regulated by law and re-dissolved their contracts in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Anti-Terrorism and the inclusion of Awakening elements in the tribal crowd of the Popular Mobilization Authority with containment of the defense crowd and their immediate access to their former units and address the containment of members Defense immediately.

The recommendations included returning the employees of the Military Industrialization Authority to the job not covered by the accountability and justice procedures and transferring them to the owners of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, opening the door of volunteering in the Ministry of Defense for ages from (18_25) exclusively and immediately commencing it, stopping the campaign to remove the housing violations immediately and finding the appropriate alternative by allocating four trillion dinars borrowed. The government of the Iraqi banks repay the share of the development of the provinces in the provinces for the budgets for the coming years starting in 2020 and for 10 years to build medium-cost housing a number of one hundred thousand housing units distributed according to the proportions of the population to accommodate the transgressors and the return of Azhan.

The recommendations included that the Ministry of Finance transfer the ownership of land registered in its name and without allowance, which fall within the basic design or outside the design to the competent municipalities to implement land distribution projects or the construction of residential complexes in accordance with Law No. (80) and other laws and exempt farmers and peasants from agricultural land rentals for previous years, including This year, the transfer of lecturers and volunteers in the ministries of education and higher education for decades in the budget of 2020 and the start of a program and specific timelines to install all contractors in all ministries and on the regulatory authorities and the Anti-Corruption Council Adopting the files of corruption to the judiciary and in addition to activating the decisions of the Council of Ministers concerning the holders of higher degrees from all disciplines and the amendment of resolution {315} on the conversion of the daily procedure to contracts in the ministries of higher education and water resources in all ministries.

The recommendations included providing financial grants to the families of missing and absentees (security auditors) during the period of ISIS and their inclusion in the laws of martyrs and victims except for the instructions in force and in the federal budget for 2020, and provide the necessary allocations to restore stability in the liberated areas, financial grants for the return of displaced within a maximum period of three months and increase the number of subcommittees and central compensation Victims and victims of terrorism and military operations, with the exception of projects of the Ministries of Health, Housing and Municipalities and the exemption of the Fund for the Liberation of Cities The General Conditions of Contracting and the implementation of the budget law in the areas of water, sewage and hospitals, in addition to granting soft loans to ensure industrial projects for the operation of the suspended and deactivated factories of 50,000 labs and workshops at the initiative of the Central Bank in addition to the government to review the salaries of retirees and send a draft law to

For his part, the Minister of Commerce noted that the Council of Ministers decided at its last session to exclude all provinces from the instructions to implement government contracts.

In turn, the President of the Council stressed the need to coordinate between the three presidencies on the committee competent to meet the demands of the demonstrators based on the recommendations of the religious authority.

The Council then voted on the proposal to abolish the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. (57) for the year 2004 and Legislative Order No. (19) for the year 2005, which aims to administrative aggravation and prevent duplication of tasks and to accelerate anti-corruption procedures and the ineffectiveness of the survival of the offices of general inspectors after the addition of this paragraph on schedule of work.

President al-Halbusi announced the end of the work of the offices of general inspectors and ordered the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority after the House of Representatives vote on the law.

Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until next Thursday 10/10/2019.

This is what parliament voted on Tuesday (enlarged)

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Ahd News – Baghdad

The House of Representatives held its session on Tuesday, chaired by Speaker of the House Mohammed Halbousi and the presence of 112 deputies in addition to the presence of the Ministers of Labor and Trade.

A parliamentary source told “Al-Ahd News” on Tuesday, “Parliament voted in principle to end the work of the provincial councils and consider the victims of the demonstrations martyrs.”

He added that the council voted to consider the victims as demonstrators and security forces as martyrs, compensate their families and release the detainees, as well as launching a financial grant for students, including the poor with monthly salaries and repealing their contracts in the ministries of defense and interior, the Popular Mobilization Authority and opening the door for volunteering in the Ministry of Defense.

He continued, “Parliament voted to stop the campaign to remove abuses and build housing complexes for transgressors and displaced people, and exempt farmers and farmers from rent allowances and fix lecturers for free,” pointing out that “the Council also voted to redress the families of missing and absentees in the federal budget for 2020, compensation for those affected by terrorism and military operations, And grant soft loans to restart and rehabilitate the stalled plants. ”

“The parliament also voted to cancel the offices of the general inspectors,” the source said.

Abdul Mahdi discusses with Halbousi the first decisions announced by the government after the demonstrations

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(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Tuesday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi to discuss the demands of the demonstrators.

“The meeting comes within the framework of continued cooperation and coordination between the executive and legislative authorities, efforts to respond to legitimate demands and the sources of the Office of the Supreme Religious Reference in Friday sermon, and requests handed over by demonstrators in light of the meetings,” Abdul Mahdi’s media office said in a statement received. And direct contacts with their representatives. ”

The statement added, “They also discussed the package of reforms and the first decisions announced by the government and continue to submit them in order to reassure our people on the keenness of the executive and legislative authorities to listen to the right demands and respond to them, in addition to discussing the violations and attacks that led to the martyrs and wounded of demonstrators and members of the security services, The focus of efforts on maintaining security and stability after the return to normal conditions in Baghdad and the provinces. is over