Sadr City is relatively quiet after a bloody night



President of the Republic launches a nine-point initiative to contain the protests and calls for direct implementation

Release date:: 2019/10/8 0:31

BAGHDAD: The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, on Monday, nine points to the federal government to avoid the crisis of protests and stop the bloodshed.

Saleh said in a televised address to the Iraqi people, followed by (Euphrates News) that “the government and security leaders confirmed the absence of orders to shoot demonstrators did not come from the state and its agencies and therefore, from this day criminals and outlaws,” stressing “security services With its various formations, the firm response did not violate the Constitution and the law and assaulted the demonstrators, the security services and the horror of the media. ”

“This is a fitna and a crime that cannot be tolerated. The blood of our people and our security forces is not subject to bidding, nor for adventures and our trust in our people is absolute and every outlaw must submit to the authority, law and judiciary of the state,” he said.

Saleh pointed out that “there are those who speak of foreign support for events and we do not say that no one wants and has an interest in sowing discord between the same people inevitably there are interests that want to invest every gap and every problem and every rivalry within our country but the basis is the will of the living people, We all officials, parties, civil servants, activists, intellectuals and citizens say that this movement and this protest came against the backdrop of misery, grievances and the general feeling that the country needs reform. ”

He continued ”

The President of the Republic increased, “ partisan quotas refuse to leave our reality despite persistent attempts and calls to renounce them and choose practical and scientific methods to reach real solutions.When party interests and quotas replace the national will to push the stalled wheel forward, our country is bleeding its possibilities and opportunities from the aspirations of its people. ”

He said that “frankness required must be followed by serious steps and legitimacy of any political process or political system does not work on the requirements of the people and aspirations,” calling on the demonstrators to “maintain the peaceful demonstrations and do not allow the trolls to steal your dreams and your demands,” stressing “respect for the proposals of religious reference She identified through her speeches early kinks and warned of the danger of delay in the process of reform and serving citizens. ”

“Based on the initiatives and steps taken by the Presidents of the Council of Ministers and the deputies to respond to the demands of the demonstrators, and based on repeated deliberations with a number of political and national leaders, I raise a number of the following points to proceed towards completion within a short period of time:

1. the causes of violence that took place during the past Alayamn and taking serious actions and decisions to define the mechanisms of this type of protests and the competent authorities accountable perpetrators of shedding Iraqi the blood.

2. In response to the invitation of the Supreme religious authority will work to form a committee of independent experts of personalities Almshahu We will work within the framework of the presidencies and political forces to have this national consensus without political interventions to be able to form imbalances and the presidency will put all its possibilities for the success of this aspect.

3. Opening a comprehensive and constructive political dialogue to form a supportive and permanent parliamentary bloc for reform steps, including the outputs of the committee and legislative and governmental procedures, overcoming obstacles and political pressures, and assisting the government to proceed with steps to combat corruption and provide services.

4. Supporting the efforts of the government to undertake a fundamental ministerial reshuffle to enhance performance and activate work mechanisms.

5 – Activate the role of the court concerned with integrity issues and provide the appropriate conditions for its work freely and the transfer of all files of corruption to be resolved within the specified timelines and prevent any appeal in this regard and no immunity to this file to any party or party Och testicular in addition to work to recover public money.

6 – We will work on the pledges of the Government and the House of Representatives to compensate those affected by the acts of abuses rewarding to help them to bear the burdens of housing and stop the implementation of lifting other abuses before ensuring the transfer of the affected, as well as legislation and executive procedures required to find jobs and provide financial aid to the unemployed, especially graduates and certificate holders High.

7 – Accelerate the formation of the Federal Service Council of independents to assume during a short period of its work, and give graduates and holders of higher degrees priority in government appointment, in addition to the immediate launch of the functional degrees approved in the budget and the launch of the degree of movement of owners.

8.Reconsidering the electoral law of the Council of Representatives and its system to allow confidence in the electoral process and the enactment of a new law in line with national aspirations.The presidency of the Republic will form a national dialogue team to follow up this file and with the assistance of experts from the United Nations and the formation of an independent electoral commission to allow maximum transparency and integrity in the electoral process.

9 – To initiate a national dialogue to discuss the required treatment for the imbalance inherent in the political system that impedes the principles of good governance and lead to the strengthening of national unity.

The cancellation of a mutual visit between the delegations of the region and Baghdad because of the demonstrations

07-10-2019 11:27 PM


The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc, Vian Sabri, that because of the demonstrations in Iraq, postponed the visit of a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad, in addition to postponing the visit of three committees of the House of Representatives to the Kurdistan region.

Sabri said that due to intensive meetings of the Presidency of the Parliament with the Chairman of the Committees and the head of the blocks and governors to take appropriate measures to normalize the situation in Iraq, which is witnessing mass demonstrations, postponed the visit of the three committees of the House of Representatives to the Kurdistan region.

She added that, contrary to that visit, the visit of a senior delegation from the region to Baghdad also postponed until after the calm in Baghdad.

It was scheduled to visit a senior delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 to Baghdad to deliver the observations of the region on the draft budget for 2020, at the same time was scheduled to visit three committees of the House of Representatives (financial, legal, oil and gas) to the region Kurdistan at the invitation of the official government of the region, noting the visit of the two delegations postponed indefinitely.

Abdul Mahdi’s Follow-up Cell Reveals Important Secrets about Tomorrow’s Decisions

Date: 2019/10/7 23:19

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The official of the follow-up cell in the office of Prime Minister Mustafa Jabbar, the secrets of special decisions of the Council during tomorrow’s meeting.

Jabbar said (for Euphrates News) that “the follow-up cell, the majority of the youth and demonstrators in Basra, Baghdad and the provinces and we are close to the pulse of the street; but we noticed during our presence within the government there is a veteran and bourgeois class within the joints of the state far from the concerns of the Iraqi street and can not understand and translate echo groans” .

Regarding the package of decisions launched by the government within the ceilings of the government program, Jabbar stressed that “most of them have not been implemented except for a single ceiling set in the Council of Ministers, which is to define 17 thousand residential plots for the province of Basra, while the rest of the decisions will force the governors in tomorrow’s session to determine the time limits To their respective decisions. ”

He pointed out that “the conservatives stressed that Baghdad is the first responsible for handcuffing a lot of joints and decisions.”

Jabbar explained, “Tomorrow the Council of Ministers will launch the second package of time ceilings, some of which will be passed on vocational education students to provide small loans, and a new decision will be taken regarding the recruitment of foreign workers in gas stations and restaurants, including a high tax to force the businessman to bring Iraqi hands or transfer the money of this tax to the unemployed. As an allowance. ”

“For the holders of higher degrees, their demonstrations were a pressure to reduce time, as there were slow government measures to absorb them during the 2020 budget within the degrees of deletion and development on the movement of owners, but these demonstrations hastened in this matter,” but “as part of the government to bear what happens, we tried with “Many parties are considering the appointment of degree holders to no avail;

Regarding the continuation of the demonstrations, Jabbar said, “We communicated with all the coordinates of the demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces and announced the cessation of their demonstrations until after the forty visit to the sanctity of this visit, and the coordinates presented us with very simple demands, most of which are solved with a stroke of a pen.”

Mulla Talal: These are the points of solution that we presented to the three presidents on the protests crisis

Release date:: 2019/10/7 22:11

BAGHDAD (Al-Furat News) – The MP of the opposition parliamentary wisdom bloc, Mahmoud Mulla Talal, unveiled a proposal submitted by the wisdom to the three presidents to avoid the crisis of protests in the country.

“There is no reform under a government that operates within two big blocs and leaving the other blocs is not a reform but has increased the issue of quotas and withholding general directors from the original to the agents and inspectors and then pumping many of them without knowledge or experience,” Mullah Talal said.

He added that “this work has a negative impact on the work of all ministries and is within the basis of unemployment and the demands of the demonstrators, for example today demonstrates in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs up to {150} graduate of political science,” asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “How many science graduates within this ministry? They are no more than 30 graduates. ”

“The big blocs now work on one thing, which is how to add general managers and agents to state institutions and not concerned with the government program, even if it meant to come to parliament like a number of blocs to hold an extraordinary session, but they did not attend,” he said. “To take responsibility for what is going on in the country, he must come to tomorrow’s session.”

“We put forward several proposals to fight corruption and eliminate red tape. We expected this crisis to happen months ago when we came out as an opposition after we learned that the government program has no real and realistic view,” he added.

“We submitted a proposal on October 2 that holds 27 points that provide a lot of opportunities for young people without the state adding one dinar from the same resources that the state now has from operating and investment budgets,” he said.

He added that “among the points raised by the opposition parliamentary wisdom bloc asked the presidents, ministers and the House of Representatives to conduct an audit of all civil banks that have emerged since 2003 and after 2015 and they do not have a financial reality and the law should put each private bank {300} billion dinars with the Central Bank Iraqi.

“Where did the money come from and was it actually deposited in the central bank?” Mulla Talal asked. “The figures who were influenced after the fall of the regime.”

He revealed that there is a driver for Behbehan in 2007 and currently has two banks.

Mulla Talal said “opening advances to all investors for the purpose of establishing housing units and pay in the form of payments and support the provinces to build low-cost houses, in addition to take out all foreign labor {750} thousand workers and the appointment of the people of Iraq, and the abolition of the national investment life and the formation of the Reconstruction and Investment Council headed by the President The ministers abolished the accountability and justice authority, made the salaries of the three presidencies’ employees equal.

“All these proposals are 100% workable,” Mulla Talal said, blaming the prime minister for “the bloodshed in the demonstrations.”

Joint Euphrates operations: The situation in Baghdad is good and under control

Date: 2019/10/7 19:45 • 75 times read

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The Joint Operations Command, confirmed that the security situation in the capital Baghdad stable and good.

“The situation so far is good and under control,” said Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasul, spokesman for operations.

He added that “the Joint Operations Command issued a decision to refer the two officers and officers who used excessive force with the demonstrators to the investigation immediately, as ordered by the army divisions from Sadr City east of Baghdad and replaced by troops from the Interior Ministry.”

“The operations command called on the security forces to deal with the citizens,” Rasul said, stressing that “protecting them is the responsibility and commitment of all.”

Allawi and Barzani: We confirm our support and full support for the current government

Baghdad – “Liberation squares”

President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani and the President of the Iraqi National Coalition Iyad Allawi joint statement on developments in the Iraqi arena.

This came on Monday, during Barzani’s reception of Allawi in Erbil.

During the meeting , they discussed the political situation in Iraq and developments and changes real – time, and recent events and tensions in Baghdad and some other provinces, the two sides have agreed on the following:

First , can not accept any change in the political process outside of the contexts and constitutional frameworks and mechanisms of democracy.

Secondly, we affirm our full support for the current government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

Third, we call for preserving the integrity and dignity of the components of the Iraqi people of all kinds, and we will cooperate among us in all aspects.

Fourth: We extend our condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the recent events, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded and wounded.