Iraqi Prime Minister announces curfew in Baghdad until further notice


Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced Wednesday night a total curfew on vehicles and personnel in Baghdad from 5 a.m.

Abdul-Mahdi announced the exclusion of workers in service departments such as hospitals and electricity departments from the curfew, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

He also announced the exclusion of travelers to and from Baghdad airport, ambulances and sick cases from the decision, and explained that the curfew in other provinces leaves his appreciation to the governors.


Baghdad re-closes the Green Zone until further notice of the demonstrations

Green Zone


2019/10/02 13:38:47

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi authorities decided on Wednesday to reopen the Green Zone in central Baghdad, which houses government buildings and the US embassy, after it reopened in June, as protests continue in its surroundings, according to a government source.

Military armored vehicles and security personnel were deployed at the entrances and roads leading to the Green Zone.

Demonstrators in Baghdad take the liberation square of the demonstrations, which is separated from the Green Zone only a bridge to cross the Tigris River.

Urgent Mr. Sadr reveals why his movement did not participate in the demonstrations

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The leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, revealed why his followers did not participate in the current popular demonstrations since yesterday in the capital Baghdad and the provinces.

Mr. Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter: “We do not want and do not see the interest to turn the popular demonstrations to the demonstrations (current) Otherwise we are commanders of the reform revolutionaries to demonstrate with them, but we want to maintain its popularity completely and we demand its peacefulness even if it is supported by peaceful sit-ins or a general strike by the people all”.

“We also reject the encroachment on unarmed demonstrators who do not want high ground, corruption or violence.”

After the news of “the end of the demonstrations” .. Preparations for new protests

The community of

demonstrations in Iraq

2019/10/02 07:05:14

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Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office met with representatives of the demonstrators to discuss their demands and decided to end the demonstrations.

The meeting discussed the demands of the protesters’ representatives who decided to refrain from demonstrating.

And renewed Wednesday morning demonstrations in areas north of Baghdad, as security authorities cut a number of vital roads in the center of the capital.

Baghdad and other southern provinces on Tuesday witnessed mass demonstrations demanding better services and fighting corruption, in which at least three civilians were killed and more than 250 injured


Iraqi security forces reinforced their presence in the capital and fired into the air to disperse demonstrators in the Bab al-Sharqi area.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Rukman Othman al-Ghanmi headed to Nassiriya with a military and security delegation.

The demonstrations broke out in several areas north and west of the capital and east to south and tires were burned and vital roads linking the capital with the rest of the provinces.

There were reports of clashes between demonstrators and anti-riot forces in al-Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, and shooting in the air and tear gas in the Zaafaraniya area south of Baghdad.

Fayyad talks with US Defense Secretary to develop cooperation and avoid military escalation in the region


Faleh Fayyad

Mark Asper



2019-10-02 05:17:23

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Twilight News / National Security Adviser Faleh al – Fayad met during his visit to Washington , Mark Esber , US Secretary of Defense and in the presence of General Marc Milli Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , the US

and discussed the relationship between the two countries and the prospects for development, especially the military and security cooperation in the fight against terrorism, as was the situation of crisis in the region and to emphasize address The need to resolve it through dialogue and avoid any military escalation that exposes the region and the world to major risks.

They discussed the positive role of Iraq in seeking to consolidate stability in the region and the need to continue to do so, according to a statement of the Office of Fayyad.

Parliamentary demands to compel special grades and presidencies to assign privileges and transfer them to the unemployed protesters

2019/10/02 13:41

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BAGHDAD / Al-Masalla: The opposition front announced its full solidarity with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.

“It is regrettable that the country has witnessed a marked decline in the situation and the spread of popular protests in most areas of Baghdad and the provinces,” the statement said.

He added, “While we call on the demonstrators from our people to take peaceful methods of demonstrating and expressing their protest and the preservation of public and private money and not to allow engineers to enter their ranks to miss the opportunity on their trainees and achieve the desired objectives of demonstrations and sit-ins.”

The opposition front announced today “its full solidarity with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and we believe that all the declared demands are true and can be implemented with deliberate steps within a short period of time.”

It demanded the following:

1 – We call the Presidency of the House of Representatives to convene an emergency session and the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces devoted to discuss security events and the development of legislative solutions and obligate the government to implement them.

2 – Compensation of the victims who died as a result of the recent demonstrations, whether civilians or security forces, and hold the negligent.

3- Providing job opportunities for our young people by operating factories and factories that are stopped after they are invested and withholding the privileges of special grades and presidencies and turning them into job grades for the unemployed.

4 – The Government to open the door of investment and overcome all obstacles and red tape that prevents the bringing of capital and technology to the country and give priority to the employment of local labor, especially in oil companies and dispensing with foreign workers.

5 – Referring all those who claim the economic work of the parties and committing the Supreme Council against Corruption to submit large corruption files to the judiciary and names and within a period not exceeding 15 days.

6 – Require the ministries of higher education to operate the degree holders by requiring universities to work on a system of separation of morning and evening.

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Saleh discusses with US official easing tensions in the region

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – President Barham Salih received on Wednesday at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, US Senator for the Democratic Party Senator Tammy Baldwin and her party, in the presence of US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller.

During the meeting, according to the Presidency statement, they discussed “bilateral relations and support for Iraq to complete the victory against terrorism through reconstruction and economic transformation, as well as issues of mutual interest. They also discussed regional and international developments and the need to ease tensions in the region.” is over

The US Embassy comments on the demonstrations and “regrets” the use of violence

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BAGHDAD: The US embassy in Baghdad, on Wednesday, regretted the use of violence during protests in Baghdad and a number of provinces.

A statement by the embassy said it continued to “monitor closely the recent protests. Peaceful demonstrations are a fundamental right in all democracies but there is no room for violence in demonstrations by any of the parties.”

“We deplore the loss of life and offer our condolences to the families of the victims, wishing the speedy recovery of the wounded security forces and protesters. We also call on all parties to renounce violence while restraining.” is over

With the escalation of demonstrations .. fears of the government cut the Internet

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Informed sources said on Wednesday that the government is seriously considering cutting the Internet service in the country, or activate the possibility of lack of access to social networking sites in order not to mobilize the angry demonstrations that began yesterday and today in Baghdad and a number of provinces to demand the improvement of reality Khadmi, amid government fears of expansion.

Activists and bloggers have argued that the move to cut the Internet in whole or in part is “a crackdown on protesters and citizens who rely on this service for their work, especially media professionals, money transfer companies, tourism, travel and other economic companies linked to foreign branches.”

Despite these fears, some activists on social media pages stressed that “the Internet service will not be an obstacle to the continuation of these demonstrations as a result of popular interaction with them and the influx of many citizens without knowing each other.”

Others said that “television, media channels and other means can map the citizens who want to participate in the demonstrations and know where to launch without prior planning on social networking sites.”

The demonstrations witnessed yesterday clashes between demonstrators and security forces, where security used tear gas canisters and live bullets to disperse the demonstrators, resulting in injuries and casualties as a result of these clashes. is over