Iranian bank opens 7 branches in Iraq


 2019/09/29 06:59:09

The head of the Association of Private Banks, announced the issuance of an Iranian bank licenses to open seven branches in Iraq, in the framework of export subsidies to the latter.

In a speech at the Forum on “Export Finance for the Iraqi Market” on Sunday, Kurush Prizian said that the private Iranian bank, did not mention his name, has obtained the necessary licenses from the Central Bank of Iraq to open 7 branches, where two branches have been established, with a capital of $ 50 million each.

The President of the Association of private banks and credit institutions of Iran, that the Association is ready to form a consortium (alliance) to finance export projects such as technical and engineering services for Iraq.

One thought on “Iranian bank opens 7 branches in Iraq

  1. Well they might want to read the new sanctions put on them last Friday. The US Treasury shut down all banking for Iran outside their country. I don’t think they have a work around on that.


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