In figures .. an important statistic about the banks of Iraq and huge debts

Release date:: 2019/29 15:55

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) revealed an important statistic about banks operating in Iraq valuable information about their work, liquidity, debt and others.

According to statistics, the volume of assets of Iraqi banks to the end of 2018 amounted to 122 trillion dinars and the total number of banks operating in Iraq 70 banks across Iraq.

The ratio of loans to assets was 25.32%, while the ratio of doubtful debts reached 15.68% which is JD 4.88 trillion, the highest percentage of loans during the past nine years.

The ratio of annual returns to banks to total assets decreased by 54% to reach 0.59% of total assets

. At the level of public deposits, the ratio of deposits to total assets was 21.71% compared to 22.84% last year.

The Bank’s liquidity ratio was approximately 54% compared to 45% last year.

The equity ratio decreased to 12.2% from 12.89% last year


Barzani informs America to make proposals to Baghdad to resolve differences with Baghdad

Kurdish women

delighted Barzani

US Treasury

2019/09/25 06:17:17

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masroor Barzani received on Wednesday US Assistant Treasury Secretary for Counterterrorism Financing Marshall Billingsley.

At the meeting attended by the US Consul General in Erbil, Stephen Wagin, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government highlighted the ongoing negotiations with the federal government, and said: “Our negotiations with Baghdad are moving at a good pace, which is on the right track.”

Noting that talks with the federal government were making progress at all levels, the Prime Minister reiterated proposals to resolve outstanding disputes based on the Constitution.

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government stressed the need not to treat the Kurdistan Region as governorates, but as a region established in the Constitution, and reiterated that the Kurdistan Regional Government seeks to diversify the sources of the economy and not rely on a single source of income.

For his part, US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury expressed his happiness with the progress of urbanization in the Kurdistan region, and said: “We are ready to provide all forms of support to the Kurdistan region, especially in the area of the banking system.”

The two sides also discussed aid and reforms related to Peshmerga forces.

Abdul Mahdi meets King Salman in Jeddah

Release date:: 9/29/25 14:01

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met with King Salman of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.

He will also meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman later in the day.

Abdul Mahdi arrived in Jeddah this morning for a short visit lasting several hours.

Informed sources said that “Abdul Mahdi will offer the Saudi leadership mediation with Iran and a meeting between the two countries in Baghdad” to resolve disputes and crises between Tehran and Riyadh.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiWAKGw-VIeLjOnqtoe_KeD49NHaQ