US grants more than $ 6 million to displaced minorities in Iraq





2019/09/21 14:58:48

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Director Mark Green announced on Saturday new financial assistance as part of efforts by the US government, announced by Vice President Mike Pines, to support ethnic and religious minorities displaced by the genocide committed by the alleged Islamic State. In Iraq and Syria.

USAID has given $ 6.8 million to CRS, which works in partnership with the Chaldean Catholic Diocese in Erbil, to help vulnerable families meet their immediate family needs and reduce their return home when possible.

A separate award under the USAID Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Poland will provide $ 528,500 for a multi-donor project to provide high-quality health care to communities affected by ISIS persecution.

The beneficiaries will include displaced persons living in camps and locations outside camps in northern Iraq, as well as individuals deprived of host communities. The activity will be funded by two fixed clinics and one mobile medical team.

This new assistance is part of the US government’s commitment to help oppressed minorities and preserve Iraq’s heritage of religious and ethnic pluralism. USAID works with elected officials, community leaders, local and faith-based NGOs, and the private sector to help the religious and ethnic minorities targeted by ISIS to improve their living conditions, expand their economic opportunities, and encourage their democratic participation.

The US government’s assistance to support the oppressed ethnic and religious minorities in northern Iraq is about $ 380 million.

This assistance includes crucial funding through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) initiative to restore genocide and response to persecution, complementing HR 390, the 2018 Iraq-Syria Genocide Relief and Matter Act, passed bipartisan support in the US Congress, and President Donald Trump signed a law on December 11.

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