Abdul Mahdi calls on major Chinese and international companies to invest in Iraq everything

Release date:: 9/29/2019 10:57

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has called on major Chinese and international companies to invest in Iraq.

Abdul Mahdi said in his speech at the “ World Industrialization Conference 2019, ” in the city of Hefei, China, “for the kind invitation extended to us and the kind hospitality we received from the leaders of the party, government and popular in the city of Hefei. “Inside China and abroad, we wish you more brilliance, achievement and progress.”

It is a great pleasure for me and the great Iraqi delegation coming from Mesopotamia to participate in this meeting which brings us together the sons of the Mesopotamian civilization with the sons of the ancient Chinese civilization, where together we have provided mankind with many achievements in various sciences and knowledge, and we communicate with you today to sustain cooperation and partnership to serve our Iraqi, Chinese and peoples. the whole world”.

It is appropriate to shed some light on the importance of relations between the Republic of Iraq and the People’s Republic of China, from its civilizational and humanitarian aspects that extend throughout the same history, as well as reflecting the current stage of certain aspirations to a fruitful strategic partnership, and to seek to embody the bonds of history and cohesion with cooperation based on constructive trust and desire Certainly in achieving what befits the convergence of the glory of the civilization of Mesopotamia, which provided humanity to write with the Chinese civilization with all its knowledge and knowledge.

The astonishing resilience of our people and their amazing will quickly took him out of the dark tunnel, and he never restored his legend as a giant spirit that always rises from the nations’ republics, and the phoenix, which rises from the ashes every time.

It is not far from this picture that striking symmetry with the friendly China, for its part, through at least the first half of the twentieth century, of serious events and dangerous conditions, wars and devastating effects, but was able by the will and determination of its people, and the wisdom of its political, public and partisan leadership, to overcome this The calamities, and to rise to China to put it in a very advanced status as a great nation, and a powerful economic power, and embodies this remarkable step exemplary.

What I have said now is to make it clear that Iraq needs more than ever to the momentum of its influential Asian and Chinese relations in particular in a direction that restores Iraq to its vital role, effective and influential, and to its people and dignified life, taking into account that the harsh conditions and the collapse of most of the infrastructure And the delay in the fields of development, calling for the convergence of our two countries in the campaign of advancement, which we strongly adopt.

The People’s Republic of China, for its part, with its weight in major economic, industrial and other fields, and the Republic of Iraq, on the other hand, with all its promising and ambitious vitality and its natural and human resources, among them the desire of the two countries for cooperation and integration, and the rooting of partnership and progress, and its unique model.

Although our two countries have always achieved fruitful meetings on more than one occasion, we hope and hope that the leaderships of the two countries will fulfill on this occasion their most hopes related to real achievements in the land that benefit our two countries and peoples, and that the great march, this time, will be achieved together through the Belt and Road Initiative and the close link between the two countries. Near East and Middle East.

I would like to announce here that I will meet with President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, Premier Li Ki-xiang and Chinese leaders to work hard to establish a strong platform for the common interests of both countries, benefiting from the sobriety and durability of China’s industrial and technology sectors. In recent decades, we have established a firm presence in all fields of development and development, and it is our sincere desire to open the doors of investment and partnership in many fields.

Iraqis have begun a new era of stability, and the country is moving towards the reconstruction and the optimal investment of energies and human resources and natural, working on the land of Iraq thousands of companies, and compete for broad investment opportunities in all provinces, and we take this opportunity to extend the invitation to major Chinese and international companies to work and invest in Iraq In the sectors of energy, telecommunications, roads, dams, water, agriculture, industry, infrastructure and other fields supported by an encouraging legislative environment and safe conditions and aspires to provide jobs for thousands of citizens.

During my meetings, I will call on Chinese companies to contribute and work vigorously and effectively in the renaissance of Iraq and rebuild its infrastructure. We will ensure that we facilitate and overcome the difficulties that face this role and its details through a central committee that will ensure the appropriate conditions and opportunities for these companies.

The desire of our two countries to work together to a high level of readiness.

I reiterate my thanks to the people and people of the People’s Republic of China and I can only conclude the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


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