Abdul-Mahdi is going to China today for a week-long visit

Release date:: 9/19/2018 13:42

BAGHDAD: The prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will go to China on Wednesday.

He is accompanied by a large delegation of ministers and governors to discuss the conclusion of trade agreements and to promote joint cooperation.

The adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Hussein Al-Hanin, in a press statement, the program of the visit Adel Abdul-Mahdi, indicating that the large delegation accompanying him has a clear economic features, including ministers, advisers and businessmen.

He added that “the program of the next visit and economic files, carried by the Prime Minister include major projects in roads and transport, services, education, health and others,” noting that “the Iraqi and Chinese sides have prepared well for the visit in the past months, through continuous meetings with major Chinese companies And complete the funding model through the Iraq-China Joint Reconstruction Fund. ”

Al-Hunain expected that “the visit will be signed during the visit major contracts and agreements in the sectors of industry and agriculture, building schools, hospitals, housing, roads, trains and bridges,” pointing out that “the visit falls within the philosophy of the Prime Minister in opening up to the world, and that Iraq is a friend of all, and an influential factor in World, and forms a bridge between all the different. ”


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