Saleh: Iraq’s high cash reserves to 87 billion dollars


Saleh: Iraq's high cash reserves to 87 billion dollars
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 Baghdad / Iraq News Network – The appearance of the adviser to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Monday, on the rise of Iraq’s cash reserves to 87 billion dollars, while confirming the existence of a surplus liquidity estimated at 13 billion dollars. “The Central Bank reserves, together with the government reserves, amount to 87 billion dollars, and this is very positive gives great resilience to the state in the most difficult circumstances.” He added, “Iraq in the last quarter of the year recorded a surplus liquidity ranging between 12-13 billion dollars,” Indicating that the “abundance of strategic crop production and cover domestic demand and provided budget General of the Federal $ 10 trillion dinars was allocated to be imported from world markets, these funds will take place within the joints of the national economy to stimulate the joints.”

صالح:ارتفاع احتياطي العراق النقدي الى 87 مليار دولار


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