Parliamentary Energy: The Presidency of Parliament addressed the government to send the oil and gas law to vote on it



Information / Special…

The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee announced on Sunday that the Presidency of Parliament sent a formal request to the government to send a draft oil and gas bill in order to complete its reading and vote during the current legislative term.

The committee member Muzaffar Fazl told the / information / that “the House of Representatives is determined to pass a number of laws that have been deactivated since the previous sessions because of political differences over them.”

He added that “among the laws that are being moved to pass the oil and gas law,” noting that “the Presidency of the Parliament sent a request to the government to send a draft oil and gas bill for the purpose of completing the first and second reading and make amendments to it.”

He explained that “the Council is determined to pass the law during the current legislative term.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiVB8b3etFjZo9_XvQZdebRL0JpyA


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