The security committee hosts Fayyad and is discussing with him targeting the stores of the crowd

Release date:: 2019/14 20:32

BAGHDAD: The parliamentary security and defense committee hosted the national security adviser and the head of the Popular Mobilization Commission, Faleh al – Fayyad, in the presence of the first deputy speaker of the parliament and the chairman and members of the parliamentary security and defense committee.

A statement by the committee member Bader Al-Ziadi received (Euphrates News) that “the meeting came to discuss the repercussions of targeting munitions stores belonging to the Popular Mobilization aircraft and speed up the announcement of the results of the investigation to find out the malicious hands behind the targeting munitions stores.”

Al-Ziyadi stressed on the necessity of securing the Iraqi airspace and preserving the security achievement achieved by the members of our armed forces in all its forms and the popular mobilization and securing the liberated areas after the military operations against the remnants of the Islamic State terrorist organization. “.

Al-Ziyadi stressed that “the military establishment remains far from political tendencies and tendencies and the formation of designations or accompanying forces, which makes the country live in a state of chaos and division in the military system, which was founded many years ago and remains high for the pride of Iraq and defend its national sovereignty.” is over


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