The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government arrives in Baghdad on this day

2019/09/14 07:31:23

It is scheduled to visit a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government this week the federal capital Baghdad to discuss the draft federal budget law for next year.

The representative of the regional government in Baghdad, Fares Issa, said in a statement to the Kurdistan Democratic Party website today, that the delegation of the Kurdistan government will visit Baghdad on Tuesday to hold dialogues on the draft budget for 2020, noting that the delegation will meet with the Iraqi political and parliamentary blocs.

He added that as a representative of the regional government, he wrote an official letter in which he invited the oil and gas committee, the finance committee, and the legal committee to visit Kurdistan and meet with the head of the regional government.

The Council of Ministers of the region has decided in a meeting held last Wednesday to send a government delegation to Baghdad, to discuss and exchange information on the financial budget file and the involvement of the region in the preparation of the draft draft by the Federal Ministry of Finance, with an invitation to the committees of finance, oil and gas, legal and parliamentary to visit Territory.

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