Kurdish delegation in Baghdad next Tuesday to secure the proportion of the region in the budget 2020

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Kurdish delegation in Baghdad next Tuesday to secure the proportion of the region in the budget 2020

Kalkamsh Press / Baghdad

A source close to the Saturday on the upcoming visit of a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government and Parliament to Baghdad.

The source said in a statement to “Kalkamsh Press” that “next Tuesday will go a government and parliamentary delegation from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad to discuss the drafting and draft budget law 2020.”

He added that “the Kurdish delegation will be high-level and will meet the heads of blocs and parties in Baghdad to determine the share of the Kurds from the budget.”

He pointed out that “the delegation carries several specific demands on the economic side provided that the vote on the budget.”


US Ambassador: Without achieving sufficient financial returns investors will not come to Iraq

Baghdad – “Liberation squares”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The investment climate in Iraq poses a challenge to US and international investors, US Ambassador Matthew Toler said on Tuesday.

“The Iraqi government must realize that without the prospect of sufficient financial returns, investors’ appetite for financial risks in sectors that require significant capital, such as energy, will be limited,” he said at the Iraqi Energy Forum, which opened in Baghdad today. Improving the business climate is critical to encouraging investment, which is why the United States continues to support efforts to facilitate doing business in Iraq and encourage the government to reach international standards in the areas of visas, customs, taxation and business formation.

He expressed concern that Iraq was moving in the wrong direction in this regard, falling from 168th place in the 2018 World Bank report on ease of doing business to 171st place in the 2019 report.

A: No

He said that burning gas in the atmosphere of Iraq more than anywhere else in the world, a process in which wasteful and ineffective and contrary to self-sufficiency of energy in Iraq.

He stressed that this gas must be invested and processed and delivered as feedstocks to provide power stations in Iraq with fuel and provide the Iraqi economy with electricity.


Kurdish source reveals details of the visit of the delegation of the region to Baghdad

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By ahad5 14/09/2019 08:57 PM

Al-Ahd News- Continue

A Kurdish government source revealed on Saturday a topic which he described as important to be discussed by the Kurdish delegation during his next visit to Baghdad.

The source said, “The delegation of the Government of the Territory, which will visit Baghdad, will be headed by Minister of Planning Dara Rashid, and loaded with all the powers on a number of outstanding issues with the federal government.”

He added that “the most important topic will be discussed by the delegation is the region’s share of the 2020 budget, and in the event of obtaining guarantees to increase its share of the budget and the payment of peshmerga dues and salaries in full, it will proceed with the rest of the negotiations that will lead to the resolution of outstanding problems between the region and the center.”

The source added that “the normalization of the situation in Kirkuk and disputed areas will also be on the table,” noting that “this file will be used as a kind of pressure on the federal government to ensure its approval of the financial allocations to the region.”

He pointed out that “the arrival of negotiations to the positive results will agree to the Kurdish delegation to hand over Baghdad 250 thousand barrels of oil of the region, as well as the delivery of part of the revenues of border crossings, but if the negotiations do not reach the results satisfactory to the parties, it will be left to other visits.”


The security committee hosts Fayyad and is discussing with him targeting the stores of the crowd

Release date:: 2019/14 20:32

BAGHDAD: The parliamentary security and defense committee hosted the national security adviser and the head of the Popular Mobilization Commission, Faleh al – Fayyad, in the presence of the first deputy speaker of the parliament and the chairman and members of the parliamentary security and defense committee.

A statement by the committee member Bader Al-Ziadi received (Euphrates News) that “the meeting came to discuss the repercussions of targeting munitions stores belonging to the Popular Mobilization aircraft and speed up the announcement of the results of the investigation to find out the malicious hands behind the targeting munitions stores.”

Al-Ziyadi stressed on the necessity of securing the Iraqi airspace and preserving the security achievement achieved by the members of our armed forces in all its forms and the popular mobilization and securing the liberated areas after the military operations against the remnants of the Islamic State terrorist organization. “.

Al-Ziyadi stressed that “the military establishment remains far from political tendencies and tendencies and the formation of designations or accompanying forces, which makes the country live in a state of chaos and division in the military system, which was founded many years ago and remains high for the pride of Iraq and defend its national sovereignty.” is over


US Central Command appoints new commander for operations in Syria and Iraq


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US Central Command appoints new commander for operations in Syria and Iraq

General Robert (Pat) White

The US Central Command announced the appointment of the commander of the 3rd Armored Corps, General Robert White, as the new commander of the “determined determination” of the international coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

White took command of the Joint Task Force – Operation Hard Determination, replacing General Paul Lacamera, who has been the commander of the campaign since September 2018.

The commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), General Kenneth McKenzie, who oversaw the handover ceremony held Saturday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, said that the change of the commander of the campaign “solid determination” does not affect the content and it “proceeds non-stop according to the plan.” According to a statement issued by the Central Command.

Mackenzie thanked General Lamakera, adding that his team “has made tremendous progress over the past year in all areas of the fight against IS in both Iraq and northeastern Syria.”

Parliament opens the first chapter of the second legislative year to end the discussion of 5 protocol laws {expanded}


Release date:: 9/14/2019 17:43 
(BAGHDAD: Al-Furat News) The Council of Representatives opened its first session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fourth parliamentary session, which was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Council, Mohammed Halbousi, on Saturday, and the presence of 240 deputies to read seven bills, including 5 protocol.
“At the outset of the session, the Speaker extended his deepest condolences to the Iraqi people and the Islamic nation on the occasion of the tragic martyrdom of Imam Hussein,” the council said in a statement. I left a reform message, recalling at the same time the martyrs and wounded of the painful stampede that accompanied the visit ceremony and the need for the government to investigate the causes of what happened and work to avoid repeating it in the future. “
Later, MPs recited Surat Al-Fatiha to the souls of the martyrs of the battle of the eternal Tuff and the visitors of Imam Hussein (AS) and the martyrs of Iraq.
The Council voted to adopt the demands made by the deputies of the holy province of Karbala to compensate the martyrs of the stampede at the ceremony of the martyrdom visit of Imam Hussein (AS).
President al-Halbousi also thanked the Committee on Foreign Relations and Deputy except Talabani and all the Council departments for the successful hosting of the meeting of the Budget and Planning Committee in the Asian Parliamentary Assembly in Baghdad recently.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives to a meeting with the heads of parliamentary blocs included the agreement to form a committee to review government measures to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq and the formation of a committee to discuss the file of missing and absentees and the return of displaced people and proceed to enact a package of important laws, including laws to abolish the offices of general inspectors and amend the law of integrity, civil service and health insurance Partnership with the private sector, the law of communications and informatics, the law of the Federal Court and Investment and the Military Industrialization Authority, pointing to the government’s approach to send retirement and social security laws and address the housing crisis and oil and gas Q reconstruction budget and 2020.
The council voted to form a committee to follow up the governmental actions to take the necessary measures to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq, including heads of blocs and representatives of the committees of foreign relations, security, defense and legal, and the formation of a committee to follow up the government procedures file missing and absentees and the return of displaced people, including heads of parliamentary blocs and representatives of the committees of security, defense, displaced and human rights and legal
The Council discussed a number of important issues affecting the lives of citizens and the advancement of the services provided to them and the achievement of stability and security in various governorates, including the need to find opportunities for appointment of veterinarians and consideration of government procedures for rent allowances to farmers and their allocations entailed by the government and demand the formation of an investigative committee with all delegations that negotiated With the Kuwaiti side on the border and urged the political blocs to complete the designation of the Minister of Education, as well as resolving the file of missing and expedite the return of police elements separated in the liberated areas and the importance of addressing the issue of repeated attacks on Weigher of the popular crowd gear and to emphasize the government’s submission of the final federal budget for previous years accounts with the importance of activating the supervisory role of the Council and work on the questioning of the ministers of finance, oil and work on the settlement of the complex procedures for the receipt of agricultural crops in Mosul.
On the other hand, the President of the Council to complete the procedures to lift the immunity of a number of deputies during the legislative recess based on the powers granted, pointing out that all related issues are not related to publishing issues, especially that most of those covered by the lifting of immunity have applied to the Presidency of the Council to lift the immunity from them as the issues that concern them Before they took up membership in the Council, they announced that all requests for lifting the immunity would be presented at the next session for voting.
The Council finished reading the report and discussion of the proposal of the law of the first amendment to the law of transplantation of human organs and prevention of trafficking No. (11) for the year 2016 submitted by the Committee on Health and Environment.
During the session, which was chaired by Deputy Speaker Bashir Haddad, the MPs’ interventions focused on the importance of providing protection to doctors practicing their work in transplantation of human organs and emphasizing the importance of not compromising the donor during operations conducted by the medical team and the importance of adding a representative of private hospitals in Baghdad and the provinces. The Kurdistan region to the High Commission for the transplantation of human organs to ensure that no operation outside the approvals issued by the Commission.
Vice President Bashir Haddad stressed the importance of coordination with all institutions in Iraq in order to ensure the success of transplants and the need to comply with Islamic law.
For his part, the representative of the government Torhan Mufti, the presence of the desire of the government to wait to legislate the proposal of the law in order to send what contributes to maturity.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed its readiness to discuss the proposed law with the presidency of the Council and other committees for ripening banner to get Ray positive by the Senate and references on the proposed law.
The completed Council read the report and discussion of the draft ratification of the 2014 Protocol supplementing the Convention on the Forced Labor Law No. 29 of 1930 submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations.
The interventions focused on the need to know the financial burdens borne by the government from the application of the law, as well as demanding the participation of the Commission on Human Rights in the legislation of the law.
In its response to the interventions, the Committee underlined that it sought to enact the Act on the ratification of the Protocol after having considered the views submitted thereon.
The Council completed reading the report and discussion of the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Maternity Protection {revision} No. 183 of 2000, submitted by the committees on foreign relations, women, family and children.
Interventions focused on the demand for uniformity of maternity periods and their incompatibility with existing laws.
The Council also completed the reading of the report and discussion of the draft law ratifying the Convention on the exemption of holders of diplomatic passports and official service from the entry visa between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Serbia submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations.
In this regard, the Council concluded reading the report and discussion of the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations, Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities.
The Council completed the first reading of the draft law ratifying the Agreement on the Promotion and Protection of Investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, submitted by the Foreign Relations, Economy and Investment Committees, which aims to enhance and expand economic cooperation between the two countries through the encouragement and protection of investments and the creation of favorable investment conditions between them.
The Council completed the first reading of the draft law of partnership between the public and private sectors submitted by the Finance, Economy and Investment Committees for the purpose of encouraging the private sector and its involvement in the process of economic development and development of state resources and face the circumstances of financial deficit and to strengthen the legislative framework and national capacities related to the private sector and the economy and to create a legal framework for partnership between the public sectors And your.
It was then decided to adjourn the session until Monday, September 16, 2019

The start of the Iraq Energy Forum conference with a global presence

Side of the conference. “Economy News”

Economy News – Baghdad:

Launched in Baghdad, the conference of the Iraq Energy Forum 2019, with the presence of a large global and Arab, including OPEC.

The conference bore the theme of “Economic Cooperation for Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East”, which will be held for four days at Al Rashid Hotel.

The conference will include a speech by OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo and four sessions to discuss the energy sector in Iraq and the region.

“The conference will discuss the challenges facing the oil sector in Iraq and the world,” said Adnan al-Janabi, chairman of the Iraq Energy Forum. 



Oil Minister: Energy sector will witness reforms and restructuring

Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban «Economy News»

Economy News – Baghdad:

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Thamer Ghadhban, said the Iraqi government is keen to develop the energy sector and facilitate procedures for investors, noting that the energy sector will witness reforms and restructuring.

“ We are committed to a clear policy towards the energy sector, which is of great interest to the Council of Ministers and the Iraqi government, as well as to the legislature represented by the oil and parliamentary energy committee, ” Ghadhban said in his speech at the 2019 Iraq Energy Forum conference attended by Al-Iqtisadiah.

He added that “this sector is the main engine of the economy because it accounts for more than 90% of the financial allocations in the budget law annually.”

“We attach great importance to the continued activity of this sector and subject to clear policies aimed at Iraq to remain a major producer of oil and then gas.”

He stressed that “the energy sector will see reforms and restructuring, which is the ministries to prepare policies and legislation while the companies take over the production process.”

He continued that “the Ministry of Electricity is keen to implement large projects in the field of gas investment and stop waste,” pointing out that “the Iraqi government is keen to develop and reform the work environment and facilitate procedures for investors and end the bureaucracy.”


The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government arrives in Baghdad on this day

2019/09/14 07:31:23

It is scheduled to visit a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government this week the federal capital Baghdad to discuss the draft federal budget law for next year.

The representative of the regional government in Baghdad, Fares Issa, said in a statement to the Kurdistan Democratic Party website today, that the delegation of the Kurdistan government will visit Baghdad on Tuesday to hold dialogues on the draft budget for 2020, noting that the delegation will meet with the Iraqi political and parliamentary blocs.

He added that as a representative of the regional government, he wrote an official letter in which he invited the oil and gas committee, the finance committee, and the legal committee to visit Kurdistan and meet with the head of the regional government.

The Council of Ministers of the region has decided in a meeting held last Wednesday to send a government delegation to Baghdad, to discuss and exchange information on the financial budget file and the involvement of the region in the preparation of the draft draft by the Federal Ministry of Finance, with an invitation to the committees of finance, oil and gas, legal and parliamentary to visit Territory.


The House of Representatives holds its session under the chairmanship of Halbousi


Release date:: 2019/14 14:09

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Saturday, its session chaired by Mohammed Halbousi.

A statement by the Media Department received (Euphrates News), a copy of it, that “the House of Representatives held its first session, for the fourth parliamentary session / second legislative year / the first legislative term, under the chairmanship of its President Mohammed Halbousi.”