Baghdad issues an important decision on the salaries of the Peshmerga

Release date:: 2019/12/12 23:36

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the capital Baghdad, that the federal government will send the salaries of Peshmerga in one go to the region before the end of this year.

8 months ago, the federal government did not send the monthly salaries of the Peshmerga forces amounting to 68 billion dinars, according to the budget law of 2019.

Faris Issa, the representative of the regional government in Baghdad, said in a press statement on Thursday that the Federal Ministry of Finance issued a decision to pay these salaries, but the decision was suspended for political reasons.

He added that “the regional government is putting intense pressure on Baghdad to send the salaries of the Peshmerga,” adding that “the amounts of salaries of the Peshmerga will reach the Kurdistan region before the end of this year.”

He pointed out that the implementation of the decision depends on the signing of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, likely sending these salaries to the region before the end of the year.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgPvmoODBVKjaI_GIB_SxBcfZ5AOA

Russian Foreign Ministry announces the date of Lavrov’s visit to Iraq

Release date:: 2019/12/12 18:34

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, announced that Minister Sergei Lavrov will pay a working visit to Iraq.

Zakharova said during a press conference on Thursday: “During the visit, which will be for the days (7 and 8) next October, Lavrov will meet with the leadership of the country in Baghdad, as well as with the leadership of the Kurdistan region in Erbil.”

“During the visit, the two sides will exchange views on the pivotal aspects of the Middle East agenda, focusing on the situation in Iraq, Syria and the Gulf region. They will also discuss the situation surrounding Iran and the developments in the Palestinian territories.”

Zakharova said special attention will be given to the development of cooperation in counter-terrorism and the spread of religious extremism.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhjaHm0jQt-1pS8eg6IvFD-vO1umpQ

Saleh and Abdul-Mahdi discuss developments in the political situation and the implementation of the government program

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

President Barham Saleh on Thursday discussed with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi the latest developments in Iraq.

A statement issued by Saleh’s office, “Tomorrow Press,” a copy of it that “during the meeting, discussed the developments of the political and security situation in the country and the implementation of the government program and the importance of exerting more efforts to improve the reality of service to citizens.”

They also discussed the latest developments at the Arab and international levels.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhi5HyyHbFNtcpu4vb4xH-MRtT-4OA

The region stresses its share of the budget and is considering an agreement with Baghdad

Release date:: 2019/12/12 15:17

(Erbil: Euphrates News) The Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, a meeting with the heads of blocs in the Kurdistan Parliament, to discuss a number of important issues, the most important of which is a government delegation to Baghdad next week.

The parliamentarian Ziad Jabbar said in a press statement that “representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government, represented by the Secretary of the Council of Ministers in the region, and the Director of Financial Control and the Cabinet of the Council of Ministers of the region, held today, a meeting with the financial committees and natural resources and heads of blocs in the Kurdistan Parliament to discuss a number of important issues” .

He added that “during the meeting discussed the preparations of the Kurdistan Regional Government to reach an agreement with the government of Baghdad,” adding that “the meeting discussed the issues of financial imports of the region and the preservation of the region’s proportion of the federal budget for 2020.”

The MP Shirwan Mirza of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the House of Representatives had explained earlier that the Kurdistan Regional Government meets today with the Kurdistan Parliament on the outstanding problems between Baghdad and the region, pointing out that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will go next week to Baghdad, to resolve the budget challenges The delegation will also discuss oil, peshmerga and disputed areas.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhjcC3n-fpsAqND07ijE7cz4EODVHg

After meeting with the Kurdistan Regional Government .. Kurdistan Parliament is concerned about the federal budget

2019/09/12 06:49:07

Shafq News / A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government ended this afternoon a meeting in the parliament building of the region was discussed on the issue in the disputed areas, and the export of oil and the region’s share in the federal budget, and salaries of employees.

A member of parliament told reporters that the purpose of the meeting was to clarify on the differences and outstanding issues between the regional government and the federal government with regard to the budget and oil and article 140 of the Constitution.

He added that the biggest problem facing the two sides is the issue of the delivery of 250 thousand barrels per day of oil exports to the region to Baghdad, adding that the parliament of the Kurdistan region seeks to be transparent in this regard.

The member said there is no problem regarding the delivery of those quantities of oil exports to Kurdistan, but said that the region has experience in 2015 where he delivered his oil exports to the fullest, but he was not delivered his full share of the budget of 17%.

He pointed out that the Kurdistan region wishes to express the sincerity of his intention and as is known, the government of the region immediately after its formation sent a delegation to Baghdad to discuss oil and budget and address the issue of Article 140 of the Constitution

“We are trying to resolve these issues because Iraq is all of us and we don’t want to have problems on oil and the budget,” he said.

Regarding the salaries of employees and workers in government departments and institutions in the region, the parliamentarian said that there are about 3-4 salaries saved and not paid to employees, and the Kurdistan region adds from its financial revenues to what Baghdad sends in order to pay the salaries of employees.

Asian Islamic Bank of Iraq decides to increase its capital to 150 billion dinars

Asia Islamic Bank of Iraq logo


Economy News – Baghdad:

Asia Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance decided to increase its capital to 150 billion dinars instead of 100 billion dinars.

A source in the banking sector told “Economy News”, “The General Assembly of the Islamic Bank of Iraq, Iraq Islamic Investment and Finance decided at its last meeting unanimously approved to increase the capital of the bank from 100 billion dinars to 150 billion dinars,” pointing out that “the value of the share of one dinar” .

He added that “the General Assembly decided to increase the number of members of the Board of Directors of the Bank from 5 original members to 7 original members and the same reserve.”

Association of Banks Holds Workshop on “Guide to ICT Governance Controls”

Side of the workshop. “Economy News”


Economy News – Baghdad

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, on Thursday, a special workshop “Guide to the controls of governance of information and communications technology,” which was issued by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The workshop dealt with the main paragraphs in the guide issued by the Central Bank and the requirements and stages of its implementation and the mechanism of issuing reports.

The manual is considered as binding rules and regulations for all banks and electronic payment companies operating in Iraq.

The workshop targeted IT managers and risk managers.

Announcement of the opening date of Baghdad airport for 24 hours for passengers

Release date:: 2019/12/12 11:46

BAGHDAD: The government has set the opening date of Baghdad International Airport for 24 passengers and citizens.

The personal secretary of the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Bayati, said in a press statement that “the first of October next is the deadline for opening Baghdad airport 24 hours to passengers and citizens.”

“The rate of administrative and logistical preparations has reached more than 75 percent for the full opening of the airport,” he added,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhimqrHBOGadiAFctuTb4h7Lc9_D8w

40 days have passed since the suspension of the parliament

Release date:: 2019/12/12 13:35

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} report .. Rami Salhi

Almost 40 days have passed since the House of Representatives was suspended for its legislative term, without holding any session, despite the country going through a cycle of crises, most notably the bombing of a number of Popular Mobilization sites in different areas.

According to deputies, the eyes are on the dome of parliament next week to hold its first session after the end of the second legislative term, amid the contention of political differences on many files, most notably the resolution of the portfolio of the Ministry of Education, which is still pending in the inclusion of the government.

On the other hand, observers of the political affairs, that “the repercussions of the bombing of the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization, last month and the possibility of dismissing Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and withdraw confidence from his government and financial differences with the Kurdistan region, the most prominent files awaiting parliament during the next session.”

• What the Parliament will do about the crowd file

The file of bombing the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization, one of the most important issues that the people are expected to resolve by the House of Representatives, and take a unified position shows the cohesion of all political forces towards the popular mobilization.

While the MP of the Alliance of Fath Fadhil al-Fatlawi, said that the House of Representatives will discuss the decision of military response against the Zionist entity for its involvement in the targeting of popular mobilization sites in a number of provinces of the country.

Al-Fatlawi pointed out in a press statement that “the first sessions of the first legislative term of the second legislative year will be devoted to discuss the repeated attacks of the Zionist entity against the Popular Mobilization sites,” pointing out that “Parliament is determined to discuss the decision of the military response towards the Zionist entity to deter its targets and breach of Iraqi sovereignty.”

In the meantime, the leader of the Popular Mobilization Moeen Kazimi, a message to the blocs and political parties, with the imminent return of the Iraqi Council of Representatives meetings, on the foreign presence.

Al-Kazemi said in a statement that “all blocs and political parties should adopt a position on the removal of US forces, considering that the experience of the sacred defense proved that the Iraqis liberated the territory from ISIS terrorist gangs, and there is no need for the survival of any foreign channels in the country.”

He warned the leader of the Popular Mobilization, “the survival of US forces in Iraq leads to problems inside Iraq, as these forces do problems with the neighboring countries of the country, as the survival of these forces significantly affect the security situation currently stable.” According to him.

• Parliament resolution looming

Akram al-Kaabi, leader of the Nujaba Movement, says the next session of the House of Representatives will distinguish the inherent representative of his people from the intruder who will fail Iraq.

Kaabi points out in a tweet via “Twitter” that “the next session of the House of Representatives will distinguish the inherent, which really represents his people from the intruder who will fail Iraq, what will be issued from the decision on the US presence will be written by history, and will record the names of deputies of courage and pride, in the pages of the history of Iraq’s strong victory Letters of light, and the names of deputies of humiliation and treason in letters of darkness and misery. ”

• Three conditions to resolve the breeding bag

Despite the passage of nearly a year since the formation of the new government, the Ministry of Education is still administered by proxy after parliament rejected more than one candidate for the post, while the parliamentary Education Committee, revealed earlier this month, the status of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, set three conditions for the selection of a candidate education.

The committee member Raad Hussein said in a press statement that “Abdul-Mahdi set three conditions before the parliamentary education committee to choose the candidate for education,” noting that “the conditions included that a woman and inhabited the province of Nineveh, as well as achieving its passage in the House of Representatives.”

Hussein adds that “his committee has prepared a number of names and sent to Abdul Mahdi for review,” stressing that “the resolution of the position of education will be through the first sessions of the new legislative chapter.”

On the contrary, the deputy of the “Sadikon” parliamentary bloc Uday Awwad, the existence of political desires to “dilute” the law to expel foreign troops from Iraq, likely that the law remains locked in the inclusion of parliament.

Awad and pointed out in a press statement that “the draft law to bring out foreign forces has been proclaimed by some political blocs within the House of Representatives,” noting that “there are political desires to compile and waste the law and not included for the first reading in any way.”

He says that the law is almost lost with the lost and will not see the light, like the laws that are stalled, in the presence of political opposition to its adoption.

• Questioning the Prime Minister

With all these circumstances, the pressure on Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on a number of current issues is increasing, in light of the current silence experienced by the current government, especially after the cancellation of his weekly press conference to confront public opinion, and update him on the situation in the country.

He says MP from the current wisdom, opposition Hassan Masoudi, “The dismissal of the current Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, subject to what will happen within the first sessions of the new legislative term of the House of Representatives.”

Al-Masoudi pointed out that “so far there is no real intention or political agreement to withdraw confidence from the current Prime Minister, and that the wisdom and some blocs handed the Prime Minister several observations on his government program, and the work of some ministers, and if he did not take any real reform measures in that, We will go towards his dismissal. ”

• An unfulfilled agenda

After all these events that hit the country during the past few days, the House of Representatives decided to hold its regular session of the new chapter, as the media department of the Council said in a statement that “Parliament set next Saturday, 14 September, the date for the first session of the legislative year Second to the first legislative chapter. ”

The statement added, “The agenda of the session included eight paragraphs, most notably the discussion of the proposed law of human organ transplantation and prevention of trafficking, and the draft law on Iraq’s accession to the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Heritage.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhhRc2-o60s92AFQSGHviyj88qQHjQ

President of the Republic to European delegates: Iraq is keen on security and stability in the region

Release date:: 9/9/12 14:13

BAGHDAD: Iraq is keen to establish balanced relations with its neighbors, brothers and friends to enhance security and stability in the region, President Barham Saleh said on Thursday.

Saleh, according to a presidential statement received by the Euphrates News Agency, during a meeting with him, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, British Ambassador John Wolks and Chargé d’Affaires of the German Embassies Jochen Muller and French Jean-Noel Bonnyo, In the region, he explained that “the orientations of Iraq is based on moving away from the policy of axes and commitment to higher national interests, and the prevalence of participants over differences.”

The President of the Republic, to “the importance of strengthening relations with European countries, and the desire for cooperation and coordination to serve common interests,” and appreciated the efforts of “the European Union in supporting the Iraqi people in various fields.”

For their part, the three diplomats expressed their countries’ satisfaction with the development of bilateral relations with Iraq and their endeavor to consolidate and increase cooperation, praising the “role played by Iraq in its Arab and regional environment.”,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgzDmvIrUnAiGHZOiUlGfq31y8W1g