URGENT Iraqi army begins first withdrawal from cities after 2003


Release date:: 2019/11/11 22:33 
BAGHDAD: The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of Iraqi army forces from camps inside cities outside the cities in some provinces in implementation of the plan to hand over the security file to the Ministry of Interior.
“We have already started handing over the internal file of some governorates, and we have withdrawn the army to special camps,” said Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, director of information at the Ministry of Defense. But, given the need of the Ministry of Interior for support and support, we have played this role, and are ready to hand over the file to the Ministry of Interior as soon as it is ready.
“The ministry is ready to hand over the security file to the local police in every governorate once the Interior Ministry is ready,” he said, noting that “the army’s place is not inside the cities, but in the camps outside.”
Maj. Gen. Al-Khafaji said that “handing over the security file to the local police in each province is a priority of the commander in chief, as well as the Minister of Defense, who stressed since taking office the need to hand over security files to the Ministry of Interior.”
The Interior Ministry had discussed extensively early this month the issue of handing over the security file in the provinces and Baghdad to the Ministry of Interior to assume the responsibilities and tasks assigned to the army.



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حرامية هذي مليشيات إيران وهذي اذرعها الخبيثة وما تفعل في العراق . ضبط شحنة من الصناديق مليئة بالدولارات المسروقة من خزينة #العراق في احد الدول الخليجية والتي تقدر بمئات المليارات من الدولارات على متن طائرة عراقية خاصة تعود الى #نوري_المالكي كان ينوي تهريبها إلى أوربا.

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These are the militias of Iran and these are its malignant arms and what they are doing in Iraq. Seize a shipment of boxes filled with dollars stolen from a safe #العراق In one of the Gulf countries, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars aboard an Iraqi private plane belonging to #نوري_المالكي  (Nuri Al-Maliki) He intended to smuggle it to Europe.

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Maliki denies allegations of smuggling Iraqi treasury money

Economical 11/09/2019 90

Maliki denies allegations of smuggling Iraqi treasury money

Kalkamsh Press / Baghdad

The media office of the leader of the coalition of the rule of law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Wednesday, on a video published by a Lebanese journalist in which confirmed: “seize stolen money Maliki tried to smuggle it to a European state.”

“Your lies will not fool anyone anymore. I think this passage is old and according to information that this money is a Libyan smuggled from the era of the Gaddafi regime,” the bureau’s director Hisham al-Rikabi said in a Twitter tweet.

The Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf has published a video in which she said, “The security authorities at Dubai airport seize a shipment of funds full of dollars stolen from the treasury of Iraq, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars on a private Iraqi plane belonging to Nuri al-Maliki, which was intended to be smuggled to a European country “This money is equivalent to the budget of 10 Arab countries for five years.”


After the indictment of Nuri al-Maliki .. UAE detonates a surprise for the return of the “dollar fund”

Reports and analysis of

the Dubai Police

Dollar Fund

2019/09/11 13:48:22

Dubai police in the UAE on Wednesday issued an official statement on the rolling video of billions of dollars in aircraft.

Colonel Faisal Issa al-Qasim, director of the Dubai Police’s Security Media Department, said the funds were not for any Arab official as he had promoted, but for an African gang that tried to defraud the person in the video.

“The African gang tried to defraud the person by identifying them through social media, and then communicated with them and tempted them to double their money, luring him to an apartment containing counterfeit dollar boxes, and then filmed him in an attempt to blackmail him and give them money, then hurried To inform the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation which in turn has taken the necessary measures to arrest them. ”

Colonel al-Qasim said that “the person would have fallen victim to the gang without his awareness and the speed of notification to the General Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Investigations, which in turn hastened to uncover the truth.”

Maliki and Gaddafi accusations

The whirlwind of “billions of funds” began when the Lebanese media, Maria Maalouf, published a video to seize funds filled with “billions” of dollars, by the UAE authorities.

“Security authorities at Dubai airport seize a shipment of funds full of dollars stolen from the Iraqi treasury,” Maalouf said.

“The shipment is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars aboard a private Iraqi plane, belonging to Nuri al-Maliki, which he intended to smuggle to a European state.”

“These funds are equivalent to the budget of 10 Arab countries for five years,” she said.

But the leader of the State of Law coalition and former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, spoke about his relationship to a video of “boxes filled with billions of dollars.”

Maliki’s bureau chief, Hisham al-Rikabi, said in a tweet that there was no link between the former prime minister and the “billions of funds.”

“Your lies will not fool anyone anymore. I think this passage is old, and the owners have nothing to do with it,” Rikabi said.

“According to the information, these funds are Libyan smuggled, belonging to the era of the Gaddafi regime.”

The video returned to another case of controversy, after linking the director of al-Maliki’s office that video to the late Libyan Colonel, Muammar Gaddafi, before issuing a statement Dubai police.



Kurdistan Council of Ministers determines the date of the visit of the delegation of Erbil to Baghdad on the budget file


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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, on Wednesday, a date for the visit of the delegation of Erbil to Baghdad on the file of the financial budget.

The media of the Council said in a statement received, “Baghdad today,” that “the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Masroor Barzani, and at the beginning of the session, Barzani reviewed the results of the joint meeting between the Kurdistan Regional Government And Kurdish blocs, which was held on the eighth of this month in Erbil. ”

It was decided at the meeting, according to the statement, that “a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government visit to Baghdad next week, to discuss and exchange information on the file of the financial budget and the involvement of the region in the preparation of the draft draft by the Federal Ministry of Finance, with an invitation to the committees of finance, oil and gas, And legal representative to visit the territory. ”

At the meeting, it was also agreed that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will hold a meeting with the Kurdistan Region Parliament on Thursday (12 September) to discuss the latest developments in relations between the federal government and the regional government.

In another aspect of the meeting, “the Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Region presented a report on the census project to be conducted in Iraq in 2020, as the Minister highlighted the aspects of the project and the preparations of the region in this area, and in this light, the Council of Ministers decided to form a special committee to evaluate the census project Population with the importance of the observations of the Kurdistan region on the religious and national components in the region, and the Kurdish areas outside the administration (disputed areas). ”


Parliament is scheduled to hold its first session on Saturday and its agenda is free of hosting Abdul Mahdi

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, the date of its first session of the second legislative year of the first legislative term, while publishing the agenda of the meeting.

“The parliament set on Saturday, September 14, the date of its first session of the second legislative year of the first legislative term,” the council’s media department said in a statement.

“The agenda of the session included eight paragraphs,” she said.

The following is the text of the agenda of Saturday’s session:

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