Pictures .. Sadr in the Iranian city of Qom surprise visit

Political | 02:01 – 06/09/2019


The private

media office, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the arrival of the latter, to the Iranian city of Qom.

In a brief statement received by Mawazine News, the office said, “Sadr, the faithful of the martyrs of the martyrs (PBUH), is participating in the procession of the honorable Sadr in the holy city of Qom.”

Sadr’s media office did not disclose the reasons for Sadr’s sudden and unannounced visit to the city of Qom in Iran.


Kurdistan gets a promise from Baghdad about its share of the budget




2019/09/06 02:12:48

After a two-day visit to the Iraqi parties, the delegation of the Kurdistan Parliament returned to Erbil, and a member of the delegation revealed the content of the visit.

A member of the Kurdistan Parliament, Jalal Mohammed, said that the delegation of the Kurdistan Parliament, which consisted of representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Blocs, the National Union, the Movement for Change, the Islamic Group and the Islamic Union. Other Parties.

The delegation said in all its meetings on the importance of Baghdad in accordance with the Constitution to provide the region all its financial dues and the budget of the investment of the provinces and compensation of debt and saving salaries of employees.

He explained that the Iraqi Council of Representatives had already passed a special law for provincial council elections and a paragraph in which damage to the Kurds, so the delegation gets a pledge from the Iraqi parties to amend them and make them with the consent of the parties so that the Kirkuk outside of Kirkuk and within the cities of the region to participate in the elections in areas where they are.

He continued that on the budget that Baghdad has pledged to do during the forthcoming negotiations with the delegation of the regional government, which is scheduled to arrive in Baghdad to agree on the interests of the Kurds.