Central Bank establishes a banking relationship with the program «RAMP»


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, continue to establish a banking relationship with the advisory program for the management of reserves “RAMP” of the World Bank, indicating that the relationship included investment in bonds issued.

The bank said in a statement received by the Economic News, that it “continues to establish a banking relationship with the reserve management advisory program (RAMP) of the World Bank,” noting that “the relationship included investment in bonds issued.”

“Through the Department of Investments and External Remittances, a plan has been prepared for cooperation with the World Bank in terms of reserves management and investment in bonds issued in dollars, at least $ 300 million.”

The World Bank’s Reserves Management Advisory Program (RAMP) is a platform for advising on asset and reserve management development in developing countries and international institutions to enable them to maximize their financial resources.



K .. wins international award for best smart card

Release date:: 9/4/2019 19:48

Key Company won the Best Smart Card Award at the Global Event (International Finance Prize 2019) Best Smart Card- Finance 2019.

For the first time in its history, Iraq receives this award, which is the result of a great national effort for an Iraqi electronic payment company that was able to transfer the reality of financial transactions to a sophisticated stage with which the public interacted greatly and now embraces a family of 7 million beneficiaries. Region.

An official source in the company, that “the company is investing in the youth sector and provide employment opportunities for a large segment, and provides services that touch the need of the Iraqi family, and this award represents a new turning point in the company’s work and motivated to develop mechanisms of work and presence near the Iraqi family through the adoption of new regulations More sophisticated contribute to the creation of new products. ”


Assistant Secretary of State in Baghdad assures Iraqi leaders of Washington’s respect for the important role of religious authority

Baghdad – “Liberation squares”

US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker has arrived in Baghdad.

The US official assured the three presidencies of the importance of relations between the two countries and Washington’s continued support for Iraq and its stability.

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Schnecker began his tenure at the State Department last month

“The United States respects the diversity of religious beliefs in Iraq and is committed to helping promote interfaith dialogue and tolerance,” Schenker said.

He also stressed that “the United States respects the important and permanent role played by the religious authority in Iraq.”

“US military forces are in Iraq as part of the international coalition to defeat IS at the invitation of the Iraqi government,” Schenker said.


Iraq signs a memorandum and a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of Korea for export and import

Release date:: 9/4/2019 18:14

Planning Minister Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, on Wednesday, the minutes of a meeting and a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of Korea for export and import.

This came during a meeting in the capital Seoul, the governing body of the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM).

A statement from his office, which received (Euphrates News) a copy, that “was signed during the meeting minutes of the meeting, which included the vision of cooperation in strengthening national capacities and financing investments throughout Iraq, and the signing of the necessary memorandums of understanding with the relevant authorities in the Iraqi government to achieve this.”

Al-Dulaimi said during the meeting “priorities of the government program in investing international support towards the rehabilitation of basic services and improve the reality of services in all provinces, and strengthen the file of economy, trade and investment through the effective partnership established by the Iraqi government with the Iraqi private sector.”

For its part, the Korean Import and Export Bank stressed its keenness to provide means of support to the Iraqi government, indicating the most prominent work of the Bank in the regional environment of Iraq and the world, and ways to align them with the Iraqi government plan to achieve sustainable development in accordance with the global vision 2030.


Halbousi to an American delegation: Religious authorities have preserved the country’s security and stability

Release date:: 9/4/2019 14:55

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbousi, a US delegation that the religious authorities rationally preserved the security and stability of Iraq.

A statement issued by his office received by the Euphrates News Agency that Al-Halbousi “received Wednesday, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker, and US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller, and General Paul Lacamra, commander of the international coalition forces in Iraq and Syria.”

During the meeting, Halbousi discussed “political and security developments and the stability achieved after the victory over the terrorist organizations, expressing appreciation for the role of the international coalition in supporting the Iraqi forces in all kinds to achieve this victory.”

The speaker of the House of Representatives: “Iraq looks forward to the participation of the international community in promoting political and economic stability, and contribute to the reconstruction and development in liberated cities, and the return of displaced people to their homes, calling on companies to expand their investments and establish a strategic economic partnership with Iraq.

Al-Halbousi also discussed political developments at the Arab and regional levels, stressing the sovereignty and independence of Iraq and its stance rejecting escalation and tension in the region.

“The Iraqi people and their political forces are determined to continue to achieve national unity,” he said. country and stability. ”

for his part , US Secretary of State and his accompanying delegation assistant for his country ‘s readiness to support Iraq politically and militarily , and contribute to the achievement of stability and development, stressing that the US administration viewed with respect and appreciation for the role of religious authorities in Iraq to achieve Alto He said that what was shown in a government-funded media did not reflect the administration’s point of view.