Parliamentary source: Parliament sessions will be held after the tenth of Muharram

Release date:: 9/1 2019 20:50

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) A parliamentary source revealed that the House of Representatives will be held after the tenth of Muharram.

The source told (Euphrates News) that “Parliament will be busy on the third of this month the Conference of Asian Parliaments Association under the auspices and participation of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad for the period from 3-5 of the month and the participation of 14 Arab and Asian countries.”

He added that “weights suggest that the sessions will be held on the 13th of this month, after the tenth of Muharram.”

The House of Representatives was scheduled to resume its work on September 3 (next Tuesday).

The forthcoming legislative term for the parliament is awaiting heated dossiers, most notably the questioning of ministers of corruption, mismanagement and evaluation of the government’s report for the past period and the passage of important bills deferred and others on the agenda.


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