Urgent UN warns of “massive strike” threatening Iraq

Date of edit:: 2019/8/29 13:25

The United Nations has warned that existing regional tensions could deal a “huge blow” to efforts to rebuild a stable and prosperous country in Iraq, stressing that the international community should spare no effort to avoid it.

In a briefing to the Security Council on Wednesday, the UN envoy to Iraq, Jenin Hennes Blaschaert, noted that the Iraqi leadership is communicating with regional and international players to ensure that its country remains a common ground for stability, not a field of proxy conflicts.

The envoy appreciated Baghdad’s commitment to placing all armed factions in the country under the control of the state, adding that the implementation of this is vital.

For his part, stressed Iraq’s deputy to the United Nations Sarhad Fattah, that the opportunity to achieve stability and prosperity in his country is real but in danger, and therefore can not ask Baghdad to tolerate more tension and escalation in the region.

Fattah also touched on relations between Iraq and its northern neighbor Turkey, pointing out that the Baghdad government has sent almost 54 letters to Ankara asking for an immediate halt to the bombing of Iraqi territory, within the framework of the Turkish army operations against the PKK militants.



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