Kuwait calls on countries participating in the conference to rebuild Iraq to fulfill their obligations


 Reconstruction and building

Economy News _ Baghdad

Kuwait, which participated in the Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq, which hosted Kuwait in February last year, to fulfill its obligations.

Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi said during the session of the Security Council on Iraq, according to the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), that he “encouraged all countries that participated in the conference to fulfill their commitments,” expressing hope for “cooperation and coordination With the Iraqi government to establish a mechanism to follow up on the implementation of those commitments to contribute to achieving the aspirations of Iraqis. “

Al-Otaibi added that “our bilateral relationship with the Republic of Iraq is witnessing continuous and positive developments, turning the page of that painful past, opening a new page of fruitful cooperation and translating this approach by solving the remaining outstanding issues.”

He continued, “Bilateral visits are at the highest level, most notably the visit of the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah last June and the joint bilateral committees are an important indicator to strengthen that cooperation.”

“Since the demise of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Kuwait has provided all kinds of support and assistance to the Iraqi people, surpassing the circumstances that prevented it in a manner commensurate with the depth of our common interests,” he said.

He continued: “We look forward to strengthening support by investing promising opportunities in the so-called relations and raise them to the level of ambition and achieve the two countries and their peoples progress and prosperity,” praising the “commitment and commitment shown by Iraq in fulfilling all remaining international obligations stipulated in the relevant Security Council resolutions towards State of Kuwait as required. “



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