Kurdish deputy: advanced stages in the negotiations and next week a delegation will arrive in Baghdad

Policy, security and economy

20 minutes ago

MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Piston Adel that the file of negotiation between the region and the Government of Baghdad has made great strides on the disputed materials such as salaries of employees and oil revenues, while likely in his statement to Almrabad to include the federal budget for 2020 add a paragraph in this regard.

Adel also announced that next week will see the arrival of a high-level delegation from Kurdistan to Baghdad to agree on the delivery of (250 thousand barrels per day of oil of the region), in exchange for the Baghdad government to fulfill its promises on sending the provisions of the 2020 budget set for the region.

It is noteworthy that the head of the regional government in Baghdad, Faris Issa, announced on the eighteenth of the current August a visit by a delegation from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the capital Baghdad to resume talks and settle differences between the two sides, pointing out that during the previous meetings between Baghdad and Erbil, it was decided to form Two committees, one legal and the other technical to negotiate between the two sides



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