Economic workshop advises Iraq to invest in solar energy


of solar energy

2019/08/25 10:54:51

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An economic workshop organized in cooperation between the Baghdad Economic Forum and the German JiZ Organization focused on solar energy.

Chairman of the Baghdad Economic Forum Faris Al-Salman said that the workshop aims to introduce the advantages of this technology and encourage the Iraqi private sector to adopt it because of the environmental positives, and provide them with promising job opportunities, ie, the goal is to develop awareness and understanding and awareness of the public and youth in particular, the importance of clean and renewable energy In terms of their impact on the environment and sustainable development.

He stressed that in the Middle East two struggles to produce energy, one using nuclear energy, and the second using clean and renewable energy, especially solar energy, where the countries of the region began a heated race in the production of electricity from nuclear energy, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan And Egypt rushed to establish nuclear plants, some of these countries such as the UAE and Egypt started at the same time


Member of the Parliamentary Energy Committee Amjad al-Oqabi said: “There is an imperative in the direction towards new projects and the diversification of the establishment of energy projects and give new ways to investors, and the Ministry of Electricity has spent large financial allocations, and did not provide energy continuously,” stressing “the need for collective action to support the trend towards renewable energy, appealing to the Ministry of Electricity to be serious in supporting these ideas.

Organization of jiz Adeline warned: ” the organization focused its work program on management, solar energy, and work to support small and medium in the field of energy solar, as electricity and employment opportunities for the youth segment provides , Therefore, we are organizing specialized cultural workshops in this field that promote renewable energy and

global interest

Advisor to the Ministry of Oil d. Falah Al-Amri pointed out that the reality of solar energy needs to be regulated and develop renewable energy activity. The concerned authorities in the government, particularly the Ministry of Planning, should issue a license to practice the profession to the private sector, especially the solar energy sector, and establish large projects of solar energy in a thermal way to produce electricity. The appropriate technology for the atmosphere and environment of Iraq under the methodology of the World Bank Group and the issuance of guidelines for the application of this methodology, as well as these guidelines are divided into two sections Top roof solar energy projects for residential and commercial areas and the second for large-scale large-scale projects Mega projects for mass production, Iraq must work to be covered by the RISE Platform for energy investment projects and Iraq fulfills three conditions are the delivery of electricity to all citizens of the country and achieve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (solar energy in electricity).

The representative of the Ministry of Electricity Ahmed Kazem Helil said: “The ministry has given the issue of solar energy clear attention, and we are working on a law governing the work of this detailed, and the ministry adopted actual projects in this area, including the conversion of road lighting based on solar energy,” calling on everyone to cooperate in this The

central support of the

representative of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Majid al-Suri, stressed that “the culture of renewable energy in Iraq is experiencing a significant decline, and that the central ready to support these projects, especially when submitted a feasibility study in depth determines the usefulness of such Projects”.

General Manager of Iraqi and National Insurance Companies Haifa Chamoun Issa said: “Our efforts in the two companies can be complementary to the process of developing the solar energy sector by providing insurance cover projects in this important joint, where he has full readiness to secure stations as well as the private sector and loans that prevent entrepreneurs And life insurance at world prices. ”

Jiz consultant Khalid Al-Jassar referred to two experiments based on 100 percent solar energy.One airport in southern India, the size of Baghdad airport receives 700 aircraft daily, and the other city of Kashmir, which is characterized by cold air and a significant drop in temperature and solar energy to cover the requirements of the city.

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