Kurdish deputy: the visit of officials of the region to Baghdad, the last chance to resolve the oil file

Release date:: 2019/8/23 10:13

(BAGHDAD: Euphrates News) Member of the House of Representatives for the Future Bloc opposition expected the visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan region to the federal government in Baghdad to discuss the region’s share in the 2020 budget as a “last chance” to reach a final solution on the oil file.

In a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency, Sarkot Shamsuddin said that “the visit which is planned by a delegation of officials of the Kurdistan region to meet their counterparts in the federal government represents the last chance to reach a final solution between the parties in accordance with the law and the constitution, as one of the strategic and important files.” On which the future and interest of Iraq depend. ”

He promised “the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the management of the oil file in the region failed as this party mortgaged the natural resources there and exported oil abroad without handing it to the government, and such actions are rejected,” stressing that “the visit of officials of the region to Baghdad must be to prove good faith During the next phase and delivery of oil through the competent company. ”

Shams al-Din threatened to “resort to the Federal Court to resolve this crisis between Baghdad and the region, and the liberation of the Kurdish people from the influence of the families of Barzani and Talabani, which is trying to manipulate its capabilities, which caused the deterioration of the economy in the region and the emergence of social, educational and health problems and the increasing migration of young people to other countries, encouraging the need Cooperate significantly with the federal government to improve the reality of the Iraqi economy in general. ”

He advised “the officials of the region that the visit would be useless if the aim is to take pictures and meet the invitations of officials for the banquet without talking in particular about this oil file and its implications and future between the parties, while Baghdad should cooperate with the region in general and leave dealing with the two parties, and end the chaos there by preventing Oil exports by the Democratic Party abroad and forced to be marketed through the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad. ”

A member of the opposition bloc hinted that “the new legislative chapter will discuss at the beginning of the 2020 budget and the oil file between the center and the region and the salaries of employees of the region, which must be spent from Baghdad after the commitment of the other party to export oil through.”


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