Fayyad acknowledges the targeting of an external mastermind of the crowd and come out with a position of 5 points with Abdul Mahdi

2019/08/21 16:37:22

The head of the Popular Mobilization Commission, Faleh al-Fayyad, said on Thursday that the recently targeted military positions inside Iraqi territory were “a planned foreign act.” “Does not represent the official position of the crowd.  

Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief Adel Abdul Mahdi held a meeting on Thursday night with Fayyad and leaders in the Popular Mobilization (Hashd) to discuss the repeated bombings in Hashd camps in different parts of the country.

Four bases used by the Popular Mobilization have been hit by mysterious explosions over the past month, the latest of which took place on Tuesday evening at a headquarters near Balad air base north of Baghdad, which houses US military personnel.

The deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Council, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, on Wednesday, the United States bombed the crowd camps, pointing out that his forces will respond with “more sophisticated weapons.”

The United States has previously denied any role in the PMF bombings.

There were reports of Israeli involvement in these operations, without any direct accusation being made in this regard, and without any claim of responsibility.

An explosion at the al-Saqr base near Baghdad on August 12 was caused by an airstrike by a drone, the government commission said Wednesday.

The series of explosions began in mid-July, when an Iraqi fighter was killed and two Iranians were wounded after the camp “martyrs” of the crowd in the area of Amerli in central Iraq to “the bombing of an unidentified march,” according to a statement of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command.

Then there were explosions at Camp Ashraf Diyala, and then in a crowd store inside the Falcon camp of the Federal Police, and then at the headquarters near Balad Air Base.

See the text of the Fayyad statement issued today:


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