Karbouli discusses with US Deputy Ambassador urging US companies to invest in Iraq

Baghdad / News

The deputy head of the Alliance of Iraqi Forces MP Mohammed al-Karbouli met on Tuesday with the new US deputy ambassador in Baghdad, Brian McViters.

According to a statement from the Karbouli office received a copy of it, the latter “offered at the beginning of the meeting congratulations to Mr. McFitters on his assumption of his duties in the US Embassy in Iraq,” hoping that “his mission will be strengthened for bridges and bonds of cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the United States.”

Karbouli reviewed “the latest developments in the political and security reality in Iraq,” stressing “the need for the United States to have a greater role in leading the coalition construction and reconstruction of Iraq and urged US investment companies to take advantage of investment opportunities in Iraq in general and cities free of terrorism in particular.”

He also praised the efforts of the US Mission in Iraq to support the Iraqi government, the military establishment, security forces and forces in defeating it and continuing its confrontation with the forces of terrorism, thus enhancing security and stability in Iraq and providing a sound investment environment.


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