Abdul Mahdi makes a decision on the presence of camps inside the cities and aviation in Iraqi airspace

2019/08/15 07:11:59

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the end of the presence of camps inside the cities, and cancel all approvals for aviation in Iraqi airspace.

“The Prime Minister presided over the meeting of the National Security Council and directed, to conduct a comprehensive investigation involving all responsible authorities to investigate the incident of the explosion of materiel warehouses in the Falcon camp and report within a maximum period of one week from its date and directly compensate citizens for Human and material damages suffered as a result of the incident according to the law. ”

Abdul Mahdi also called for “the completion of comprehensive plans to move warehouses and camps belonging to the ministries of defense and interior and the Popular Mobilization or tribal or other factions participated in the battles against ISIS outside the cities to be issued final orders for implementation before the end of this month to determine the final dates to make cities free of such These camps and warehouses are all according to the fundamentalist contexts of the armed forces. ”

He added that “the presence of military camps or hardware stores outside the plan and approved approvals will be considered an irregular presence and is dealt with in accordance with law and order.”

He also decided to “cancel all approvals related to aviation in Iraqi airspace (reconnaissance, armed reconnaissance, fighter planes, helicopters, drones of all kinds) to all Iraqi and non-Iraqi parties and limit the approvals to be exclusively the commander in chief of the armed forces or those authorized by him.”

“All parties must comply fully with this directive and any traffic that is otherwise considered to be hostile is handled by our air defenses immediately.”


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